Shop Local CANADA Affiliate Program

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We're so excited you're interested in joining the SLC affiliate program for the Discount Club! If you love supporting local shops across Canada, and want to make some extra money, this affiliate program is perfect for you.

We've created this affiliate program to include a tiered commission structure, friendly competitions and an easy dashboard to track all of your referrals and payouts. 

We want to make sure this affiliate program is FUN and not a program you join and never actually do anything with.

Shop Local CANADA Discount Club

The SLC Discount Club gives local shoppers immediate access to over 200 discount codes (with more codes added monthly) to be used in local shops across Canada.

It's the perfect mix of local shopping and scoring a sweet deal!

You can learn more about the Discount Club here.

SLC Affiliate Program

In order to join the SLC affiliate program and remain an active affiliate, you must:

  • Love supporting local businesses across Canada
  • Have the desire to promote the Discount Club on your website, to your social media communities, newsletter subscribers, and/or friends & family
  • Refer a minimum of 16 customers / year to remain active
  • Not promote any illegal activity on your website
SLC Affiliate Program
  • Get paid for 5 years after the first sale 

    • If you refer someone to SLC and they sign up for the Discount Club, you will receive commission on their first order. For the 5 years after that initial commission payment, you will receive 50% of the commission tier you're at on all subsequent orders as long as the referred customer remains a Discount Club member.
    • For example, if you're at Tier 4, you'll receive 40% commission on the first order and then 20% (or higher) the following year
  • Offer your community a 10% off coupon code

    • As an affiliate, you'll receive a 10% off coupon code to offer your family, friends, community as an incentive to purchase
  • Lifetime sales for Commission Tiers

    • Once you reach a new commission tier, you'll stay there forever (as long as you meet the 16 referred customers/year minimum), so you don't have to worry about dropping tiers.
  • 90 day cookie

    • If someone clicks on your unique affiliate link and purchases within 90 days of first clicking on your link, you will receive commission
  • $40 minimum payout via paypal

    • You must make a minimum of $40 in commissions before you will be paid out
  • Tracking via link, coupon code & email

    • Everyone has a preferred way to share so we've made it easy to share about the Discount Club in a number of ways
  • Must refer a minimum of 16 customers/year

    • We review all affiliate accounts in January every year so this will be pro-rated
    • For example, if you join in August you will only be required to refer a minimum of 8 customers

Please REad before applying:

* The affiliate program is for you to promote The Discount Club and receive commission when you sell a Discount Club membership NOT by promoting individual businesses that you see on our website.

* All terms and conditions outlined here are subject to change without notice and Shop Local CANADA reserves the right to terminate an affiliate account at our discretion.

Benefits for your community:

  • They get to shop local, save money and access discount codes all in one place 
  • They get a 10% discount for the Discount Club membership when they use your coupon code

Benefits for You:

  • You can support local shops and MAKE money simply by sharing about The Discount Club
  • You can offer value to your community and give them a discount
  • You are creating another revenue stream and residual/passive income