Standard Membership

$ 147/year

Please read before signing up:

  • This membership is only for businesses that have a marketing budget and are looking to invest in growing their business. 
  • If you are looking for Instagram promotion* only, do not sign up.
  • This membership is for businesses that understand the power of improving their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google rankings.
  • We work tirelessly on researching keywords and writing content that gets ranked in Google. If your goal is to have a more sustainable business, this is the right membership for you. 
  • We do our very best to get your business results but like any marketing, can’t make any guarantees. That being said, we only send invites to businesses we think would be a great fit.
  • Again, if you’re looking for Instagram promotion, do not sign up. We want to partner with businesses who understand the power of Google rankings, website traffic, improved SEO. Instagram is nice but it doesn’t guarantee people will buy from you. We’d rather create content that ranks in Google so that when people are searching for a specific item to buy, our content featuring your shop is what they find. This isn’t how it works on Instagram. 
  • This is an annual membership which means it will renew automatically every year unless you cancel it. 
  • We do not offer refunds but you can cancel at any time and your membership will not renew.
  • After signing up, you will need to fill in a few forms to submit your business and product listings, best selling products, etc. We provide instructions for everything.
  • We email you after signing up from ‘’ with next steps. If you don’t see an email within 24 hours, please check your junk mail and if it’s not there, send us an email. 
  • If you have any questions after you sign up and throughout your time as a member, please email ‘’. Please do not send us a message on Instagram with membership questions. 
  • That’s it for now! We’re excited to start featuring your shop.

By signing up, you are confirming that you’ve read, understand & agree to everything we’ve stated above. 

*We promote our members on Instagram but this is not guaranteed and not the reason we want you to sign up.