Tortue Crafts Macrame

We’re excited to introduce you to Aurora, Ontario maker and business owner, Melissa Smart from Tortue Crafts macrame. Check out our interview with Melissa and see more of her gorgeous macrame creations below. Enjoy!


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Macrame by Tortue Crafts

What inspired you to start your business?

My love of houseplants is what initially inspired me to start my business. There was a point in time when I started running out of shelf space for my plants (#plantmomlife) and I wanted to hang some of them instead. I looked up some ideas and that’s how I came across macrame.
I’ve always been a DIY projects maker, so I tried to make my own plant hangers. Eventually, after lots of practice I finally started making my own designs. My husband liked them a lot and thought I should put them up online to share my crafts with other plant moms/dads out there!
This started as a hobby, but thankfully, I can say that with the most amazing customers in the world on Etsy, being so polite and kind with feedback, I have finally started to make Etsy successful for myself. I cannot thank anyone enough who purchases something from my shop!

How would you describe your business?

I sell handmade macrame products, such as plant hangers, keychains, diffusers, car charms, wall hangings & more!
Everything is handmade by me using high-quality materials (100% natural, unbleached and unpolished North American cotton rope) to ensure my customers are getting not just beautiful, but also nice quality products that will last long!

What’s your bestselling product?

Macrame Plant Hangers

Why do you think it’s so popular?

These plant hangers are handmade with high-quality 100% natural and unbleached cotton rope, which is very soft to touch, but strong and sturdy enough to accommodate heavy plants and pots.
I believe what makes this product popular is its simplicity and minimalism, yet it is a beautiful and functional style. I also believe that another reason why customers choose to buy this specific product from my shop is because they know that they will receive a quality product that will last long.

Do you have a favourite Canadian Etsy shop?

One of my favourite Canadian Etsy shops is Dee’s Natural Bees, where you can get hand-poured 100% pure beeswax candles.

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