Weekend Guide To Montreal

Have you ever felt like you need a change of scenery to relax and refresh but booking a trip to Europe just isn’t in the cards right now? Staying within Canada can give you a similar experience without all the stress of booking an international trip. That’s where this weekend guide to Montreal comes in!

If you’re looking for a weekend getaway, we highly recommend heading to Montreal. It’s such an incredible city to explore. We’ve put together a weekend guide to Montreal with some restaurants, coffee shops and activities to try out. Enjoy!  

Weekend Guide To Montreal

1. Bota Bota

If you’re looking for a relaxing experience, Bota Bota in Old-Port Montreal is the place to completely recharge and try something new. 

This ‘spa on a boat’ has various services and treatments all with the primary intention of providing a luxurious and relaxing experience. From the moment you walk onto the Bota Bota grounds, you immediately start to feel the relaxing vibes.

With the hot and cold baths, massages, saunas and steam baths, relaxation terraces with hammocks and the ‘no-talking’ rule, you’re in for an incredibly relaxing journey. 

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Bota Bota Montreal
Picture by: Marie Reine Mattera

2. Cafe Tommy

It doesn’t take long to realize Cafe Tommy is THE spot for your morning latte and let’s face it, your Instagram worthy coffee shop pic. The beautiful vintage, trendy and well thought out decor, huge windows, overflowing plants, tiered seating…you really can’t go wrong. 

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Cafe Tommy Montreal
Picture from Cafe Tommy website
Cafe Tommy Montreal
Picture from Cafe Tommy website

3. Cat’s Corner

If you’re looking to dust off your dancing shoes (and who wouldn’t be?!), you need to check out Cat’s Corner. They have $10 drop-in swing dancing on Friday nights. Don’t know the first thing about swing dancing? No worries, neither did we. Good thing there’s a group lesson for beginners before the floor opens up so…#noexcuses.

Whether you’re by yourself, as a couple or group, Friday nights at Cat’s Corner is perfect. You’ll either laugh at how ridiculous you look (in our case) or be excited about your new found talent. Either way, you’ll definitely have a good laugh, sweat it out and meet some locals. The perfect Friday night activity in Montreal.

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Cat's Corner Montreal
Dance Studio Space // Picture from Cat’s Corner website

4. Bootlegger L’Authentique

If you’re looking for that old-timey speakeasy feel, Bootlegger L’Authentique is your place. From the live blues and jazz music, to the signature cocktails and the moody roaring twenties decor, this is the perfect place for date night or a night out with friends.

ps: Order the nachos. You can thank us later 😉

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Bootlegger Montreal
Picture from Bootlegger L’Authentique website

5. Crew Collective

Grand and luxurious…two words that describe Crew Collective. This cafe and co-working space is located in old Montreal in the original Royal Bank of Canada building that was built in 1928. This building is absolutely stunning. It’s the perfect place for your afternoon pick-me-up. You can enjoy your cappuccino and take in the architectural details all while sitting on a super trendy sapphire blue velvet couch.  

If you need a place to work for the day, Crew Collective also has workspaces and private meeting rooms available for rent. 

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Crew Collective Montreal
Picture from Crew Collective website
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Picture from Crew Collective website

6. Hachoir

If delicious burgers and an extensive wine list gets you excited, Hachoir is the place for you. This upscale yet down-to-earth and welcoming restaurant is a great spot to unwind after exploring the city all day with delicious burgers, great conversation and your choice of vin. The great service is a bonus! 

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Hachoir Montreal
Picture from Hachoir website
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Picture from Hachoir website

7. Poutineville

Would this even be a weekend guide to Montreal without a mention of poutine? Definitely not. 

Montreal has become known as the poutine mecca and where the idea to combine fries, gravy and cheese curds is said to have originated. Restaurants like Poutineville have definitely spiced up the original ingredients to include everything from guacamole and tomatoes to sausage, hot dog and bacon. 

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Poutineville Montreal
Picture from Poutineville Instagram account

We hope you enjoyed our weekend guide to Montreal and that you get to try out some of our suggestions! Enjoy your stay in this incredible city.

Discover local Montreal shops HERE.

Weekend Guide To Montreal


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    Great ideas. Thanks for the motivation to do a StayCation!

    1. Thanks so much! Hope you get to enjoy a weekend in Montreal soon 🙂

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