Blankets, Scarves, Mittens, and Everything Else You Need for Winter


Ready to hibernate for the freezing months of December, January, and February… maybe even March? That cold wind is a’ blowing and the snowflakes will soon dominate the sky. There is a lot you will need for winter to survive the chill, and you may just want to stock up on the warm buffalo plaid essentials before burrowing in. Of course, your winter parka, snow shovel, and hot chocolate are necessities, but what about everything else? No winter is complete without buffalo plaid, scarves, mittens, blankets, and so much more! Ready to cozy up this month? Here is everything you need for winter to ensure you stay warm and look fabulous each and every day!

Lace Brick Design

Are you the  ‘go outdoors in the dead of winter and roast marshmallows over the fire’ type? You are definitely braver than I! But at least with the Lace Brick Design adventure goods, I know you will be keeping warm in style. This local adventure store has all things required for a good time in the wilderness. Everything from campfire blankets to mountain girl toques are waiting for you at Lace Brick Design!


When you think of everything you need for winter, you probably think of scarves and hats. We cannot survive without these snug items wrapping us in a warm hug each snowfall. Get all of your handmade hats, scarves, wraps, and headbands at iHooked! Each item is made using crochet techniques and are made from soft and warming merino wool fibers. Find winter accessories of your favourite colours and styles on the iHooked website!

Allen Wick Candles

When I picture my perfect evening spent at home on a winter’s night it always includes candles! There is nothing that brings those heart-warming feelings better than a beautifully scented candle. Want one for your chilly nights in? Allen Wick Candles offer charmingly designed, hand poured, soy candles that smell and look amazing. They even have seasonal smells – Candy Cane Hot Chocolate, Oak Barrel Apple Cider, and Maple Sugar! Add some of these candles to your winter nights to give your home that “baby it’s cold outside” feeling.

Shop the KAOS

Unlike what the name suggests, this store is everything but chaos! Shop the KAOS is a Canadian women’s clothing store that offers every woman, every size, everything you need for winter. Warm sweaters – check! Soft ponchos – check! Plaid – check, check, check! Search through a variety of beautiful clothing that will keep you comfortable and confident through every snow storm.

Whatever your plans are this season – staying indoors, skiing the slopes, or gathering with friends and loved ones at the firepit – be ready with all of the essentials you need for winter. Once you have it all, you can enjoy the most comfortable and cozy months of all!

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