Avanaa Chocolate & Tea

Montreal, QC

Business Name: Avanaa Chocolate & Tea

Based In: Montreal, QC

Products Include: Artisan chocolate & tea

Avanaa is a Canadian chocolate brand that creates made in Canada bean-to-bar chocolate using beans they source from small cacao farms around the world like the Dominican Republic, Colombia and Ecuador.

From harvesting the beans, to sorting and roasting them, and finally using them to make chocolate, with a few more steps in between, the process to go from cacao bean to chocolate bar has many important elements.

Avanaa makes many flavours of chocolate including coffee, coconut, chai and salted caramel (and many more). You’ll definitely be able to find a flavour of high quality luxurious chocolate you love.

Along with chocolate, they also make tea using the husk of roasted cacao beans. Their tea comes in three flavours including pure, coconut and chai.

Their chocolate and tea bundles would make incredible gift ideas. All of their products are wrapped in the most unique packaging with different illustrations and designs. Perfect for your friends and family who appreciate attention to detail and delicious high quality, artisan chocolate.

They offer free shipping on orders of $60 or more. Or if you live in Montreal, you can pick up your order in person at their chocolate workshop (309 Gounod St).

With Avanaa chocolate and teas, you can feel great knowing you’re supporting committed cacao farmers around the world as well as a local business in Montreal.

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