Cat Hammocks

The Coziest Cat Bed is Really a Hammock

Stylish yet sturdy wall-mounted cat hammocks. Simply the best cat bed because it provides a vertical space for your cat to perch, hang out, and watch all the action. The elevated modern design ensures your cat feels safe and protected, allowing them to enjoy cat naps like never before!

And because our hammock is covered with super soft fleece and nicely padded, it gently cradles their legs and joints for unmatched comfort. Many cats don’t like sleeping on hard surfaces like shelves or the floor and prefer to be up high like their wild tree-dwelling ancestors. A cozy, secure perch gives them a sense of safety and status.

You will love our subtle and elegant design – no unsightly brackets. Our sleek floating cat hammock is a beautiful addition to any room’s style of décor. We offer a wide range of colors, prints, and a neutral color palette.

Dimensions of hammock: 18″ wide by 10 1/2″ (out from the wall).

Tested to hold up to 45lbs (20Kg); it is suitable for all cat breeds.

Designed to be used on a wall with standard 16″ (400mm) studs.

No assembly required. Simply screw into the wall and slide on the hammock!
Screws for mounting through the drywall into wooden studs are provided.

Watch the instructional video and step-by-step installation guide available here:


Handmade with natural materials, our cat hammock is sturdy, sustainable, durable, and non-toxic!
The cover is 100% washable and you can give it a quick vacuum so you don’t have to worry about excessive pet hair taking over your home.


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