Dark Horse Handcrafted

Beautifully curated, artisan made coconut soy candles.

Welcome to Dark Horse Handcrafted.  Based out of Mayerthorpe, Alberta (just northwest of Edmonton) we are inspired daily by our own pasture of 8 horses, in the middle of country heaven.  Our passion for creating has evolved over the years and has become a full time focus allowing us to grow this little business.

A lot of our creative ideas have stemmed from a desire to add a personal touch.  This includes designing and making candles that not just smell great but look good too.

We also really enjoy offering custom personalized items that you just can’t get in your local big box store.  From custom candles to coffee cups, we truly enjoy providing an experience that can only be handmade.

Everything we make, we do with attention to detail.  Made here, in house – each item, has been carefully handcrafted to invoke a unique experience for you or as a unique gift for someone important in your life.

Helping people add personal touches to their lives is what we love!

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