Detailed Map Prints

by ilikemaps

Creating rich and detailed map prints of the cities you love.

The map prints created by iLikeMaps are designed to be presented as work of art, rather than an orientation tool. Map lovers frame the prints and display them in prominent places in their homes. Place, colors, sizes: every map is entirely customizable.

iLikeMaps is the project of Olivier Gratton-Gagné, a Montreal artist crazy about maps.

Map prints are stylish and versatile decor item: we’ve made maps for nurseries and executive offices! They are also a great gift for family and friends that live in another state or oversea.

The story starts a decade ago, when then-teenager Olivier was spending a disproportionate amount of time starring at maps. Waiting for the bus was no problem, because the city transit map was full of interesting discoveries. Geography and history classes were cool because of the giant maps hung all over the room. When travelling with the family, Rand McNally and Michelin road maps were part of the trip itself.

The interest grew only stronger in 2005 when Google released Google Maps, with satellite imagery and countless layers of data. Olivier could spend evenings exploring the maps of the places he loved.

Things accelerated in 2012. While spending a gap year in Leeds, UK, Olivier discovered the wealth of data available freely from the open project OpenStreetMaps. With his coding and graphic design skills, Olivier came to realise that he could create map prints himself!

After a few months of experimentation, the finish product was so great that they could sell it. By August 2012, maps were available on Etsy. Map-enthusiasts came early and often, prompting Olivier to carry on improving the products and explore new avenues.

Canadian map prints

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Canadian Map Prints


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