Microgreen Window Garden Kit

Microgreens Starter Kit & Floating Window Shelf Combo

Choose one of our Microgreen Grow Kits and start growing a beautiful and delicious Indoor Garden to upgrade your salads and healthy meals!

Plus, each kit comes with a minimalist Floating Window Shelf that’s perfect for growing your microgreens in your kitchen or favorite window spot. Microgreens are fully grown and ready to eat in only 1-2 weeks!

Microgreen Starter Kits to choose from:

  • Microgreens Salad Blend (Peas, Fava Beans, Buckwheat, and Sunflower Shoots)
  • Ruby Red Radish
  • Broccoli Brassica Blend (Broccoli, Broccoli Raab, Radish, Mustard, & Arugula)
  • Red Cabbage
  • Hard Red Spring Wheatgrass
  • Cat Grass

All Microgreen Kits Come With:

  • Minimalist White Growing Tray (9″ x 4″ x 2″) with a convenient lid for sprouting seeds – Made from BPA-Free Plastic
  • Organic, Non-GMO Seeds – 4 Growing Portions Worth
    Nutrient Rich Soil Pellets (Made from Canadian Sphagnum Peat)
  • Mister/Spray Bottle for watering
  • Easy Growing Instructions

Floating Window Shelf

Its minimalist and transparent design preserves your window view while securely supporting your plants—providing the effect of a floating shelf so you can create a stunning window garden. Like a greenhouse, being closer to the window means yours plants will get more light and in turn grow much faster.

Easy Growing Instructions
We provide a really easy-to-follow instructions card which leads you through how to use the soil, plant the seeds, and water the microgreens. It also indicates at which height/length that the microgreens can be harvested. Even if you don’t have any gardening experience, the instructions card is very easy to follow and understand!

Recommended Uses
Microgreens are a fantastic addition to any salad or as a garnish on pizzas, sandwiches, wraps, soups, and pastas. This is a super easy way to introduce Microgreens into your diet in a delicious way!

Natural & Organic
We only use Organic, Non-GMO Microgreen seeds and we source directly from a Canadian seed supplier.


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