Mushroom Coffee

MushUp Coffee


“MushUp works with local roasters, recognized experts in their field. All of our coffee beans are certified organic and fair trade, ensuring the application of MushUp values ​​on all its products.

Our coffees and roasters have also been chosen for their unique roasting techniques and the quality of their beans, being “hand-picked” and “slow-roasted”. Each coffee bean is perfect, ensuring consistency and a superior and premium coffee quality.”


“Our organic mushrooms are produced, harvested and processed 100% locally. The transformation consists of a triple extraction to maximize its properties. We work with an expert mycologist, thus ensuring that our mushrooms meet all our criteria: quality, organic, fair trade and ecological.

We use real 100% natural mushroom extracts, no input or grain, made from the body and mycelium. The mushroom is a whole, which is why we use all of its parts to get the most out of it.”


“Our three coffees are unique, custom roasted and designed to give you the best cup of coffee of your life!

Whether you prefer dark, medium-brown or full-bodied coffees, we’ve got you covered. Each of our coffees has a different taste profile, enhanced by the unique properties of the mushrooms infused in each MushUp coffee bean.

All that’s left for you to do is choose the coffee that best suits your daily use and your palate. If the choice is too difficult, the trios offer a reduction for the curious and undecided!”

MushUp Coffee

MushUp Coffee

MushUp Coffee

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