Nicole Lindsey Clay Co.

Dartmouth, NS

Business Name: Nicole Lindsey Clay Co.

Based In: Dartmouth, NS

Products Include: Handmade clay statement and stud earrings.

What inspired you to open your shop?

I have always been passionate about creating in one form or another. I have two daughters and I really wanted to find a way that allowed me to be home with them while still being able to work towards something of my own. 

How would you describe your business?

Growing up I was always creative and I knew I wanted to do something where I could leverage my creative abilities. I studied and completed my education as an interior decorator. With my husband in the navy and our two small children I made the choice to stay home with our kids. With the ability to do this at home it provided the flexibility we needed as a family as well as an outlet for me to utilize these skill sets coupled with my love for creating.

My business is always changing and although that can be scary at times it’s also really exciting. When I first started my business I would use the hardware from our local craft store. They weren’t the best quality to create pieces that would last the test of time with which when you’re first starting out you might not know that, but that’s one of the many lessons you learn along the way of starting your own business and creating brand trust. Now I spend hours sourcing better quality materials, talking with suppliers, test trialing these items and new designs myself to make sure the products I’m putting out there are products that I’m proud to represent under my brand. 

The wonderful thing about polymer clay as a medium is it’s versatility. You’re not limited to creating just one thing with it and that’s what makes it so much fun to work with! The possibilities are endless! Oftentimes the pieces that aren’t planned end up being the most successful. I just sit in my studio with no design in mind and just start grabbing clay and rolling with it (literally and figuratively). It’s the best feeling!

What’s your best selling product and why is it so popular?

It varies depending on the time of year but right now we’re heading into fall and the gold stem pumpkin studs are always very popular.

Fall is the start of the holiday season and I think people love to celebrate that. They’re also cute and tiny!

What’s your favourite product from your own shop?

Right now I would say my favourite item would be the palm leaf plant dangles. They’re so pretty!

What’s your favourite local Nova Scotia business?

That’s tough, I have a lot! For shopping I would say Kept in Dartmouth, NS. It’s a beautiful little shop full of handmade items from local artisans. If we’re talking food Two if by Sea Cafe in Dartmouth, NS. They have the best coffee and croissants.

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