Best Advent Calendars In Canada 2023

We wanted to gather a list of the best advent calendars in Canada to help you find the perfect one. Advent calendars are a fun way for kids and adults to count down the days to Christmas. We had no idea there was so many different ones to choose from. Whether this is a gift or you’re getting into the holiday spirit yourself, there’s sure to be one that’s perfect for you. We include both adult and kids advent calendars in this guide.

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Some pictures are from the websites of the businesses we feature. This post may contain affiliate links. At no cost to you, we may earn a small commission if you make a purchase. This helps support our team and allows us to keep making local shopping in Canada easy. Thank you for supporting our family-owned small business too!

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Canadian Advent Calendars 2023

Candy Advent Calendar

These candy advent calendars are from La Boite A Bonbon, a Quebec based business, that specializes in delicious and fresh candy. Enjoy a new treat every day for 24 days.

  • Free shipping on orders over $60 in Ontario & Quebec
  • On orders under $60 shipping is $3.99 to Ontario & Quebec
  • $7.99 shipping to Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan

Tea Advent Calendar

Enjoy 24 days of new teas and infusions with this tea advent calendar from T-Surprise. 

A few of the advent calendars that we feature below from different local Canadian businesses are all available from Shop Moi Ça, one of our favourite online shops for gifts. 

They have candy, chocolate, bath bomb, tea and hot chocolate advent calendars available so you can easily shop for everyone on your list from one store.

  • Free shipping in Ontario & Quebec on orders of $80+
  • $9.95 shipping on orders under $80 in Ontario & Quebec
  • $14.95 shipping to all other provinces
Choco Chocolat x Joannie Houle from Shop Moi Ça

Hot Chocolate 12 Day Advent Calendars

One of our favourite Canadian gift basket brands, Shop Moi Ça, is offering a 12 day hot chocolate advent calendar. This advent calendar includes twelve different flavours of gourmet hot chocolate from Gourmet Village.

They also have a bath bomb advent calendar and a chocolate advent calendar so you can easily buy for multiple people from one shop.

Fishing Advent Calendar

Falvai Creative is a local shop based in Qualicum Beach, BC. They’ve put together the perfect advent calendars for fishing enthusiasts. They have both a fresh water fishing tackle set and a fly fishing advent calendar, depending on the type of fishing the recipient enjoys. If you need other gift ideas, check out our top fishing gift ideas.

  • They offer free shipping
Picture Credit: Falvai Creative
Picture Credit: Falvai Creative

Local Shops Advent Calendar

LEK Handmade Designs has collaborated with six other local Canadian shops to create a unique advent calendar for 2023. This advent calendar features products from seven Canadian businesses to open for 24 days leading up to Christmas. It’s the perfect way to support local Canadian shops this holiday season.

  • They offer free shipping on the advent calendar
Picture Credit: LEK Handmade Designs

Crystal Advent Calendars Canada

If you or someone you know is interested in crystal gemstones, the crystal advent calendar from Curly Candle (based in Delta, BC ) would be perfect. You can choose between 12 or 24 days of raw and tumbled crystals. You might also be interested in our Canadian crystal stores shopping guide.

Picture Credit: Curly Candle

The crystal advent calendars from Crystal Healing Mama, a local Goderich ON shop, comes with 24 tumbled or rough crystals. Rather than have these crystals numbered, they let you intuitively picked which individually wrapped crystal to open each day. 

  • They offer free shipping
Picture Credit: Crystal Healing Mama

Bath Bomb Advent Calendar

Shop Moi Ça is offering the Saponaria Savonnerie bath bomb advent calendar again this year. For 24 days you can enjoy a high quality new Canadian bath bomb every day leading up to Christmas.

  • Shipping is free in Ontario & Quebec on orders of $80+
  • Flat rate shipping of $14.95 to all over provinces 

Enjoy a new Canadian bath bomb every day for 24 days leading up to Christmas. This advent calendar from Maritimes Soap & Bath, based in Halifax Nova Scotia, is the perfect advent calendar for bath lovers.

  • They offer free shipping

Robins Nest Soap Co. is another Canadian business offering a bath bomb 12 day advent calendar. 

Picture Credit: Robins Nest Soap Co.

Travel Themed Advent Calendar In Canada

This travel advent calendar from Canadian business, The Blessed Travel Shop, is such a unique gift for travel lovers. You can choose from over 15 destinations if the recipient has a specific travel interest like our personal favourites Paris, Bali, New York or Prince Edward Island. Or you can choose the multi-destination option for products that feature various cities. Some of the travel themed products included in this advent calendar are tote bags, mugs, crewneck sweaters, greeting cards, ornaments and more. These calendars come in 8, 12, or 24 day options.

Picture Credit: The Blessed Travel Shop

Self-Care Advent Calendar

Flora Dolce, a local Ontario business based in Richmond Hill, has put together a wellness and self-care advent calendar. This calendar features products like crystals, essential oils, bath bombs, lip balm, palo santo and more. They have both a 12 day and 24 day calendar.

Picture Credit: Flora Dolce

Stationery Advent Calendar 2023

This stationery advent calendar is from Paper Krazed, a local St. John’s Newfoundland business. They offer both a 12 day or 24 day calendar that is full of gifts that any stationery lover would enjoy. Things like journals, note pads, stickers, greeting cards, and more. 

Picture Credit: Paper Krazed

Cookie Advent Calendar

Honey Butter Desserts (based in Smith Falls, ON) offers a gingerbread or sugar cookie advent calendar. Indulge in a cookie a day leading up to Christmas. Yum! 

Picture Credit: Honey Butter Desserts

Knitting Advent Calendars Canada 2023

Firefly Notes is a local Richmond, BC shop that has put together the perfect advent calendars for knitters. Their advent calendar includes stitch markers and progress keepers.

Ferrero Rocher Advent Calendar

These wooden tree advent calendars from Knotted Sage (based in Vancouver, BC) are made specifically to fit Ferrero Rocher chocolates. These are great for chocolate lovers and can be personalized for an extra special touch.

Picture Credit: Knotted Sage

Candle Advent Calendars

The candle advent calendars from local Canadian candle company, Snuff Candle Co, are perfect for candle lovers. They’ll get to open a new handmade soy wax candle for 12 days straight.

Picture Credit: Snuff Candle Co.

Ministry Of Candles has put together a beautiful candle advent calendar where you’ll get 24 soy wax candles to open up. These candles come in beautiful tin jars and have different winter themed scents.

  • They offer free shipping
Picture Credit: Ministry Of Candles

Market Candle Company, a local Canadian candle shop, has put together 24 days of tealights advent calendar. Enjoy a new soy wax tealight everyday as you get ready for the holidays!

Enjoy 6 days of scented coconut soy wood wick candles from Vancouver candle company, Mala The Brand. This would be the perfect surprise gift for a candle lover!

  • These haven’t launched yet but watch their shop because they’ll be available soon!

Socks Advent Calendar

12 days of fun socks from moJJa Socks (based in Mississauga, ON) takes a different spin on advent calendars. This is a great gift to give on Christmas and open for the 12 days after Christmas. You can purchase for men and women, boys and girls.

Maple Syrup Advent Calendar

Ontario-based and family-run maple syrup farm, Thompsontown Maple, offers advent calendars that are maple themed. For 24 days enjoy surprise items like maple syrup candies, Sugarman’s rub, chocolate, granulated maple sugar and more. 

  • $28

Activity Advent Calendar For Teens & Tweens

Canadian business, Mystery Interactive, specializes in putting together unique advent calendars and mystery games. These activity advent calendars would be perfect for teens, tweens and adults too!

Picture Credit: Mystery Interactive

Crayon Advent Calendar

CRYNS Custom Creations is a local Ontario business that has put together a great advent calendar for kids who love to colour. For 24 days you can discover a new handmade non-toxic crayon in fun shapes to enjoy.

Picture Credit: CRYNS Custom Creations

Crayola Kids Advent Calendar

Grab the Crayola kids advent calendar from Caribou Gifts (based in Toronto, ON) for 24 days of creative projects for your kids. This will help build the excitement and encourage creativity right up until Christmas day. 

  • $27.99 plus shipping – free pick-up available in Toronto, ON

Kids Activity Advent Calendar

Divine Arts By Archana (based in Brampton, ON) has created a kids activity advent calendar that is a great spin on traditional advent calendars. This calendar is the perfect way to spend some quality time with your kids. For 24 days enjoy a winter or holiday themed activity. A few examples include having a snow ball fight, writing a letter to Santa, and making a card for someone special. 

  • Starts at $24
Picture Credit: Divine Arts By Archana

Pet Advent Calendars

Dog Advent Calendar

When it comes to advent calendars, you can’t forget about your pets! Falvai Creative has put together a dog treat advent calendar so you and your pup have a fun way to count down to Christmas.

  • They offer free shipping
Picture Credit: Falvai Creative

Local Vancouver British Columbia based business, Dante’s Doggy Delights, offers a gourmet dog treat advent calendar. This is the perfect way to help countdown to Christmas with your dog!

Picture Credit: Dante's Doggy Delights

Cat Advent Calendar

Falvai Creative has also put together a cat treat advent calendar. It includes 23 days of high quality cat treats and on the final day a special cat toy. 

  • They offer free shipping
Picture Credit: Falvai Creative

Do It Yourself Advent Calendars

If you’d like to create your own advent calendars, the Canadian businesses below will help you get started planning out your very own advent calendar. 

Reusable Advent Calendars

Hunter Kouture (based in Fergus, ON) has a great collection of do-it-yourself advent calendars that you can use from year to year. Just fill the bags with your own little treats and you’re good to go! 

Fillable Boxes Advent Calendar

If you’d like to fill your own advent calendar, these boxes from Wet Coast Boutique work great. These allow you to completely customize your advent calendar to the recipient.

  • They offer free shipping
Picture Credit: Wet Coast Boutique

DIY Paper Advent Calendars 

Sofs Designs (based in Saint-Lazare, QC) has a few DIY advent calendars to choose from. All of their calendars require you to put the boxes together yourself. This is a fun activity for the whole family. Then you can fill the boxes with your own little gifts and treats. 

These are some of the best advent calendars in Canada for the 2023 Christmas season. We’ll continue to update this list as we discover more calendars we think you’d enjoy.