Northern Rescue Elevated Recovery Oil

Gentle face oil for dry skin.

Northern Rescue Elevated Recovery Oil is a face oil for dry skin. Designed to have a high level of emollience, this face oil works to replenish and protect the skin’s moisture barrier. It will help alleviate irritation and damage caused by dryness or harsh elements.


This blend is made using hardy ingredients native to North America, Northern Europe, and the Arctic.

This face oil goes on silky smooth and absorbs without leaving a greasy feeling. An increased ratio of oleic acid means it takes slightly longer to sink in, but the oils chosen are still unlikely to clog pores. This is a face oil for dry skin, but it is suitable for all skin-types.

Your skin will be left feeling silky smooth, moisturized, and recovered.

1 review

  1. Good quality

    Love this product. I keep it beside my work computer so I don’t forget to put it on, it hydrates my face, and feels nice.

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