Sisal Cat Steps

Best Cat Tree Alternative Products - Floating Cat Perch

A subtle and stylish new take on a cat tree, or cat tower furniture. It provides vertical space for your cat to climb, perch, nap, and play.  Floating, wall mounted cat shelves, cat bed, scratching posts, play steps. Handmade from ‘scratch’ with sustainable materials. Machine washable, choice of colours and patterns, also comes with pre-set screws for easy installation. We are pawsitive you and your cat will love it!

Your cats will love their newfound freedom! Each step provides your cat with not only an awesome perch but also the purrfect scratching post. As a result, it promotes good health and discourages them from scratching your furniture. Whether they’re jumping, pouncing, climbing, or sleeping, our cat perch offers endless versatility.

These steps can be used on their own, or in combination with an original Purrfect Catbird Seat Hammock, also found in my Etsy shop.