Weekly Meal Planner Notepad with Grocery List

Easy Meal Plan Template with Handy Shopping List

Our weekly meal planner notepad is perfect for anyone looking to simplify the meal planning process and eliminate the monotony of everyday cooking.


With 50 tear-away lined sheets, you can plan out your daily meals in advance.

The meal plan pad runs Monday to Friday with a section for the weekend.

The easy-to-use template is divided into four columns.

Use the pre-selected categories to decide on your main dishes to guarantee a variety.

Decide on your side dishes to ensure balanced meals.

Create a shopping list of food ingredients with the handy attached grocery list.

And get ready to enjoy your cooking journey, and be proud of serving delicious and nutritious meals all week long!


  • 7.75″ x 10.75″
  • Attached shopping list
  • Column to pre-select food categories (chicken, pork, vegetarian, pasta) to create variety
  • Column to choose main dishes
  • Column to choose side dishes, do all your thinking at once!
  • 50 tear-off sheets
  • Chipboard backing for support
  • Packaged in cellophane
  • Make and printed in Vancouver, Canada

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