Woven Stone Co.

Unique Jewelry Handcrafted on Vancouver Island

Woven Stone Co.


Woven Stone Co. was created with the hopes of encouraging others to connect with one’s self, nature, and each other. The unique energies and properties of semi precious gemstones, woven into each creation, can be utilized as a guide throughout our individual life paths. Handcrafted with genuine leather and a variety of semi-precious gemstones, seeds, and woods, we have a variety of unique items for both men and women.

Our pieces are curated through intricate design processes, refining various combinations of gemstones which result in one of a kind creations. Woven Stone promotes connection, growth, and clarity to live an authentic life and to pursue individual passions.


From the small city of Red Deer, AB, Jillian grew up enjoying the outdoors with family and friends. Any time spent in nature experiencing adventures and being creative deeply nurtured her soul. After moving to Vancouver Island in 2014, Jillian followed her intuition to tap more into her creative side. Woven Stone Co. was an unforeseen venture, a leisurely hobby that evolved into an artistic outlet. It has become a means for Jillian to express her passion of being authentic to oneself and doing the things we love.


As a business that was cultivated and born on Vancouver Island, we are proud to say that all of our pieces are handcrafted locally.

We aim to provide quality products for our customers. This means we are continuously evolving, improving, and perfecting our craft to ensure our customers are satisfied with their purchases.

Our creation processes incorporate minimal waste practices, being mindful and respectful of our planet.

We strongly value the relationships we have built with our Customers and Retailers. Because of these collaborations and support, we are able to continue on our journey, sharing our passion for creativity with the world.

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