Business Name: The Shipyards Muskoka Marketplace

Location: 908 Bay St. Gravenhurst, ON


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The Shipyards Gravenhurst Ontario

The Shipyards is an amazing local gift shop located in Gravenhurst, ON right off the boardwalk of the Muskoka Wharf along beautiful Lake Muskoka. 

With over 4000 square feet across two floors, this local Ontario gift shop is home to unique items from Canadian businesses and makers.

Gravenhurst Gift Shop

We were truly impressed with the incredible selection of products that even after a few visits we were still finding new items we hadn’t seen before. 

On the main floor there are sections with different vendors who all have their own little shop within the bigger shop. It’s a really great concept and makes it easy to support multiple local businesses at once. They even have a coffee and snacks kiosk and some tables outside. You can enjoy a morning coffee and scone, the beautiful view of Lake Muskoka and grab a gift all at once. 

The second floor is a whole other section that’s home to even more products from Canadian businesses. Everywhere we looked we saw items we loved. 

If you’re ever in Gravenhurst, we highly recommend checking out this incredible gift shop and supporting local. 

Personally, we can’t wait to go back and buy more gifts and treat ourselves. This time we left with a cute cat lovers gift, a decorative purple bird house (see pic below) and a coffee (obviously!).

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