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Did you know that Canada is one of the largest coffee-consuming countries in the world? Studies show we consume on average 2.7 cups per day. Obviously, we love our coffee. But did you know that Canadian coffee brands are some of the best in the world? Let us introduce you to some innovative coffee companies from across Canada that will make your morning cup more than just a caffeine fix, but a moment to truly savour.


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Phil & Sebastian

Phil & Sebastian based in Calgary, Alberta is more than just a coffee brand, it is a company run by passionate coffee aficionados that want to share their excitement and knowledge with you. They offer classes and workshops for those who want to learn more about home brewing, espresso, and even latte art. They also offer roasterie tours and coffee tastings to help you choose the best bag for you from their extensive selection of coffees and espressos.


Coffee Talk Roastery

Coffee Talk Roastery based in Surrey, British Columbia strives to bring you the best-tasting coffees from around the world. They carry delicious lines of Arabian, Turkish and American coffees. Their best seller is the Turkish Royal Blend Medium Roast balanced with warm cardamom.


Mugging Whales Coffee Company

Mugging Whales micro-roasters based in Winnipeg, Manitoba got their unique name in the same place that inspired them to start their business. While on vacation in Maui, owners Heather and Jim went on a whale watching tour where they experienced a “whale mugging” (the boat is not allowed to turn on the engine unless the whales are 100 yards away). Each of their coffees is named after the place it was grown and is roasted in a small batch each week to ensure you get the freshest beans possible!



Grosche based in Cambridge, Ontario is a family-run business with a mission to provide safe drinking water for those in need. With each purchase, they are able to give back by supplying 50 days of clean water through their Safe Water Project. You can support their cause by simply purchasing everyday items you already use such as coffee, tea, and reusable water bottles.

Portfolio Coffee

Portfolio Coffee is a specialty coffee lover’s dream. Hand-roasted in Toronto, Ontario, Portfolio Coffee pride themselves on offering only the most delicious coffees, rating 80 and above on the Specialty Coffee Association scale (whenever applicable). Not sure which blend is right for you? Try their sampler pack ground specifically for your brewing method of choice.


Kazkara based in Vaughan, Ontario was founded by siblings, Pedro and Valeria. Growing up in the coffee-producing country of Ecuador before moving to Canada ignited their passion for offering delicious teas and coffees from countries around the world. If you’re looking for a great gift idea, be sure to check out their coffee and chocolate pairing kit which includes a bag of Finca Cruz Loma and your choice of two perfectly paired dark Ecuadorian chocolate bar varieties.

Grassetto Coffee

Grassetto Coffee is a small-batch coffee brand based in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario. Owner, Zack, has made it his mission to find the best bold coffee blends to share with fellow Canadians. His three signature blends, which even include a decaffeinated mix, can be ground for regular coffee or espresso and shipped straight to your door!



The Shed Coffee based in Charlottetown, PEI seeks to tell the story behind the bean for each of its coffees. For those who like to know not only where but who their food and drinks are sourced from, you can read the full story behind each farmer for their Colombian, Ethiopian, and Brazilian coffees. In their online shop, you will also find tools and accessories to help you brew your best cup yet!


Golden Triangle coffee

Golden Triangle Coffee was founded by a group of friends that are on a mission to support South East Asian countries and change the stigma that people from Asian countries only drink tea. Their coffee beans are roasted locally in Montreal.

Mushup Coffee

MushUp based in Montreal, Quebec is changing the way you think about coffee. Their unique shop sells coffees enriched with adaptogenic mushrooms all grown, harvested, and processed in Quebec. Each of these mushrooms offers its own health benefits ranging from anti-inflammation to boosting your immune system to cognitive stimulation. If you’re ready to add more than just coffee to your morning routine but are not sure where to start, try their deluxe trio package to sample each of their signature blends.

We hope this list helped you discover new Canadian coffee brands to enjoy and coffee products from local roasters across Canada.

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