Business Name: Crafted By Citrus

Based In: Toronto, Ontario

Products Include: Sterling silver and solid gold hand stamped jewellery, gemstone earrings and necklaces and morse code bracelets, and more.

Learn more about Crafted By Citrus in our interview below.

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Crafted By Citrus Toronto, Ontario

What inspired you to open your shop?

I was a new Mum and noticed that personalized products were popular. I was craving a personalized design to keep me connected to my kids when I wasn’t with them.

How would you describe your business?

I started hand stamping (think: hammering) pendants and charms that were cast and handmade in Toronto in my sterling silver designs; I started with 5 unique shapes. They would be worn on silver chains or bracelets. Over the years I’ve added leather, silk, gemstones and gold to my designs, along with Canadian pennies and dimes that you can choose by milestone year. As my business has grown, my personalized pendant and charm collection has grown to more than 50 unique shapes and sizes in sterling silver, rose + yellow gold. My pieces are now die cut (like coins) and although most are still hand stamped, engraving is also an option.

What’s your best selling product and why is it so popular?

Circle Pendants: The SWEET pendant is the most popular, but the PETAL is a close 2nd.

The quality of Citrus designs and our hand stamping is what makes us stand out in the personalized jewellery space. We’ve hammered our 10,000 hours, and our hand stamping is second to none. Circles are truly timeless which is why I have designed them in 10 unique sizes. Although each character (letter or number) is individually hammered by hand, we strive for perfection. And if we’re not happy with it, we’ll stamp another (and melt down the one that isn’t great enough). Our customers love how these designs allow them to wear the moments they’ve crafted: names of their favourite people, GPS coordinates of special places, roman numerals of an unforgettable date or words of intentions to lean into. We also morse code words or mantras that you want to keep private or refrain from saying out loud!

What’s your favourite product from your own shop?

I love all of the Morse Code designs; both in gold and silver. I would say my favourite is the MORSE CODE SILVER BEAD BRACELET. At least once a year, a set a word of intention to anchor my thoughts and steer my actions toward personal goals. I sometimes feel a little exposed talking about them, as they are often quite personal. So wearing them in morse code allows me to lean into them and keeps them discreet and just for me 🙂

What is your favourite local Canadian businesses?

Brightfield Candles

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