If you’re looking for unique Canadian souvenirs, we’ve got you covered. We spend our days discovering and searching for the best Canadian products and we’ve found some really special souvenirs to share with you.  


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Canadian Souvenirs: Province Pennants

These pennants from Toronto business, Lake Club, are some of our favourite Canadian souvenirs. They have an old school feel and look great hanging in a cabin, garage or living room. 

Picture Credit: Lake Club

Canadian Souvenirs: City Prints

Osgoode Company is a local Halifax Nova Scotia business that creates really unique wall art. Their art is inspired by various provincial parks, provinces and cities across Canada. They have a few styles to choose from so you can choose what you like best. We personally love the colourful, minimalist, and modern design shown below.

Picture Credit: Osgoode Company

Trip poster is a local Vancouver business that creates a number of illustrated pictures that are perfect for Canadian souvenirs. They feature popular Canadian cities and provinces so you can easily find one that suits you or the gift recipient perfectly. We also included this Mont-Tremblant print in our gifts for skiers shopping guide.

Picture Credit: Trip Poster

Maps Of Canada: Canadian Souvenir

Salt Wreck is another Nova Scotia business creating unique wall art that features Canadian maps. They have maps for so many different cities, provinces, and small towns across Canada. You have the option to choose between traditional maps, or pictures with a map printed within another image like a cowboy hat, canoe or maple leaf.

Canadian Souvenir: National Parks Checklist

YLD supply Co. is a local British Columbia business based in Ladysmith. They have a unique collection of products that would be perfect for Canadian souvenirs. One of our favourites is their Canadian national parks poster. This poster gives you an overview of all the provincial parks in Canada, but is also has a section where you check off when you’ve visited that park. It would make a great gift idea for campers

Picture Credit: YLD Supply Co.

Canada Themed Ornaments: Canadian Souvenirs

Creationz By Catherine is a local Ottawa shop that has a cute collection of made in Canada ornaments that are perfect for Canadian souvenirs. Their ornaments feature iconic Canadian products like maple syrup, Tim Horton’s coffee cup, snowshoes, a hockey jersey, poutine and more. These are great Canadian-themed souvenirs to hang on your tree during the holidays.

Picture Credit: Cosman & Webb

National Parks Coasters: Souvenirs Canada

YLD Supply Co also has unique Canadian themed coasters with iconic national parks and places in Canada. It would be fun to collect coasters for all the Canadian cities you’ve visited. 

Picture Credit: YLD Supply Co.

Canadian Themed Apron Souvenir

Maple Leaf Gifts is a local Toronto shop that has an incredible collection of products with Canadian themed artwork. One of their best products is this Canadian themed apron. It would make a great gift for cooking lovers as well as an awesome souvenir. This apron features an outdoor winter scene with people tapping trees and collecting sap to make maple syrup. They also have tea towels with similar artwork and teapot cosies. These would make a great gift for tea lovers.

Picture Credit: Maple Leaf Gifts

Canada Flag Garden Stake: Canadian Souvenir

These Canadian flag garden stakes are a great way to show off your love of Canada. They work great if you don’t have space or don’t want to put up a big flag.  These stakes are made in Canada by Woods Fabricating, a local Ontario shop.

Picture Credit: Woods Fabricating

Canadian Souvenir: Penny Key Chains

Local Alberta shop, The Forgotten Penny, creates key chains and jewellery using pennies. Now that pennies are no longer in use in Canada, these key chains are definitely a unique gift idea and classic Canadian souvenir.

Picture Credit: The Forgotten Penny

Canadian Souvenir: Curling Rock Mug

This curling rock mug is from local Quebec business, Main & local. Curling is a very Canadian sport which makes this curling rock mug a really fun and unique Canadian souvenir. We also included this mug in our Curling gift ideas shopping guide. Main & Local has lots of other fun souvenirs to check out.

Canadian Themed Socks: Souvenirs In Canada

MoJJa Socks has a great collection of Canadian themed socks. We personally love the socks shown below with mounties, hockey skates, maple leafs and moose socks but they have lots of other styles to choose from as well.

Picture Credit: moJJa Socks

Canadian Themed Wall Art

Artistry Cards is a local Toronto shop that creates a number of different artwork perfect for souvenirs. The one we think makes the best souvenir is their maple syrup art print (shown below). On this artwork you’ll find the iconic and traditional maple syrup can.

Picture Credit: Artistry Cards

Canadian Souvenirs: Maple Syrup Can

This iconic can is filled with maple syrup from Forestry Farms. It definitely makes a unique Canadian themed souvenir. It doesn’t get much more Canadian than this!

You might also be interested in our Canadian maple syrup companies shopping guide.  

Picture Credit: Forestry Farm

Canadian Province Stickers

Stackhouse Design Co. is a local New Brunswick shop that has a collection of stickers that make the best Canadian souvenirs. These vinyl stickers feature colourful graphics of the Canadian provinces.

Picture Credit: Stackhouse Design Co.

Cityscape Crewneck Sweater: Canadian Souvenir

Rue Mentana is a local Montreal clothing store that has the option to customize sweaters with specific cityscapes. This is a great way to show off your favourite Canadian city or province in Canada. Head to our Montreal Souvenirs shopping guide if you’re looking for specific Montreal themed items.

Picture Credit: Rue Mentana

Canada Souvenirs: City Map Hoodies

Red Door Craftworks is a local Regina Saskatchewan shop that creates products that feature maps from your hometown, city or province. These make a great souvenir because you can choose a specific place in Canada that’s special to you or the gift recipient. They also make ornaments and map-themed wall art.

Canadian Lip Balm Souvenirs

Icemelk is a Canadian business that has a really unique option for souvenirs. Their made in Canada lip balm duo includes lip balm that are both made with traditional Canadian ingredients like iced wine & maple syrup.

Picture Credit: Icemelk

These are our top choices when it comes to unique Canadian souvenirs. There are definitely some fun gift ideas and different ways to show your love of Canada. If you happen to be in Banff, Banff Gifts is another great spot to grab souvenirs. Thanks for supporting these Canadian shops and business owners.

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