Business Name: EcoFreax

Based In: London, Ontario

Products Include: Eco-friendly, zero waste and sustainable products from a variety of eco-friendly brands.

Learn more about EcoFreax below.

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EcoFreax London Ontario

What inspired you to open your shop?

From a young age, I’ve always felt a strong connection to nature. The more I learned about the environment, the more I wanted to do something meaningful to protect it. I realized that there was a need for a place where people could find eco-friendly products easily. That’s how Ecofreax came into being. I wanted to create a space where choosing green is easy and accessible. Every product we offer is a step towards a more sustainable lifestyle, and I feel a great sense of fulfillment seeing our community grow day by day. Our journey is not just about running a business, it’s about making a positive impact on the planet. And, with every purchase, you are part of this beautiful mission too

How would you describe your business?

At Ecofreax, we’re dedicated to promoting sustainable living through offering eco-friendly products. Our items are carefully selected for their biodegradable, recycled, or upcycled materials, sourced responsibly. We also prioritize educating our customers about eco-conscious choices. Our unwavering commitment to exceptional customer support sets us apart, ensuring a satisfying and educational shopping experience. Through Ecofreax, we aim to make eco-friendly choices simple, rewarding, and accessible to all.

What’s your best selling product and why is it so popular?

It’s hard to pinpoint a single best-selling product as it varies from season to season, reflecting our customers’ evolving needs and preferences. However, our collection of soap and shampoo bars consistently receives a lot of love from our community.

Our soap collection is popular because it’s big and grows every month. We bring in soaps from all over the world, so there’s something for everyone. People really appreciate that our soaps are plastic-free and chemical-free. They know it’s better for their skin and the environment. Our customers love having a lot of options while also making eco-friendly choices. And with every new soap we add, there’s always something new to discover.

What’s your favourite product from your own shop?

That is a tricky question. I have used so many of them and there are many “favourites”, and each serves a different purpose, but one that I keep going back to and use for years has to be my body brush.

What’s your favourite local business in London, Ontario?

Farmer’s Market.

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