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When you consider getting down to business to crush some projects, is it spent at home with cold black coffee wishing you felt inspired? Answering emails between laundry, dishes, errands, phone calls, dogs barking, doorbells ringing, and… everything else? Or is it enjoying quiet time uninterrupted in a creative environment sipping fancy coffees and eating pastries in a cozy café while you wrap up tasks like a boss?! If you are anything like us, it will be the latter with a latte. There is something so comforting and enjoyable about spending time in a local coffee shop. Particularly, entrepreneur coffee shops that are distinguishable from the brand-name options and cater to those looking for an office away from the office and/or away from home. Looking for coffee shops in Toronto to visit? Take a look at these unique entrepreneur coffee shops in Toronto that will be sure to have a cup of whatever you crave.

1. Cherry Bomb Coffee Roasters

Open since 2005, Cherry Bomb Coffee Roasters began as a dream and turned into reality on Roncesvalles Avenue. Created from a small retail space, the cafe became an opportunity for the community to come and enjoy locally roasted coffee while nibbling on delectable fresh-baked goodies. The passion for good, quality coffee is shared with the customers through Cherry Bomb’s promise: “to deliver coffee the way it should be: perfect!” Be sure to check out this top entrepreneur coffee shop and sit back to take in the eclectic décor and taste the coffee made right.

2. Rooster Coffee House

What began as an aging general store, soon transformed into one of the most popular coffee shops in Toronto. Rooster Coffee House is a trendy coffee opportunity found on Jarvis Street where you can relish in the sights and sounds of tasty, wakeful, and beautiful coffee. One of the things that make this location stand out (besides their beautiful latte art (swans, hearts, and leaves, oh my!)) is the friendly staff. The team enhances the snug environment with their welcoming demeanor and deliciously crafted drinks. Stop by for a cup of Joe in addition to your choice of assorted gourmet salads and sandwiches.

3. Hailed Coffee

Now with two locations thriving, Hailed Coffee is one of the top coffee shops in Toronto that you need to put on your coffee-stop-bucket-list! The coffee shop serves Middle-Eastern styled culture, food, and coffee – most popular being their “Hailed shot,” which can be added to your beverage. As stated on the website, “hail” is an Arabic term for cardamom, which adds a unique and smooth flavour to the coffee. Add the “Hailed shot” to your coffee while enjoying a perfectly paired date or chocolate in this local Toronto hot spot. Both cafe locations are found on Gerrard Street – one in Riverdale and the other in College Park.

Cherry Bomb Coffee Toronto, Entrepreneur Coffee Shops, Toronto Coffee Shops, Best work coffee shops toronto
Pic by Cherry Bomb Coffee
Rooster Coffee House Toronto, Entrepreneur Coffee Shops Toronto, Toronto Coffee Shops, Best Toronto Coffee Shops to Work In
Pic by Rooster Coffee House
Hailed Coffee Toronto, Entrepreneur Coffee Shops Toronto, Toronto Coffee Shops, Best Toronto Coffee Shops to Work In
Pic by Hailed Coffee

4. The Sidekick

What could make a coffee shop better besides good java? Books! Specifically, comic books. The Sidekick is a one-of-a-kind coffee shop and comic book store that have been combined into one amazing experience. The fun décor, wide array of comics, and of course, the comic-themed mugs are what makes The Sidekick a must-visit. “The Sidekick is the perfect place to grab coffee and comics before work, or to spend an afternoon off reading or playing games.” – but I think it is perfect for those with a bit of a eclectic side looking for inspiration during workFood and drink are served all day, and customers can pick from provided board games for an afternoon of fun!.

5. Sam James Coffee Bar

What is currently the Sam James Coffee Bar, once used to be a broken-down book shop. The now thriving community of Harbord has truly transformed with the help of this entrepreneur coffee shop. The quaint and small style of the café emits feelings of warmth, minimalism, and familiarity with all who stop in. As one of the top coffee shops in Toronto, you can expect only the best coffee at Sam James Coffee Bar – Cut Coffee! Pop in for a warm beverage, beans by the bag, or a variety of fresh baked goods. And of course, be sure to check out their other locations: The Park Shop, Path Shop, Chinatown Shop, and Toronto Street Shop!

The Sidekick Coffee Toronto, Entrepreneur Coffee Shops Toronto, Toronto Coffee Shops, Best Toronto Coffee Shops to Work In
Pic by The Sidekick
Rooster Coffee House Toronto, Entrepreneur Coffee Shops Toronto, Toronto Coffee Shops, Best Toronto Coffee Shops to Work In
Pic by Sam James Coffee Bar

The next time you are looking for the best coffee shops in Toronto to work at, be sure to check out these entrepreneur spots out. Each one began with an idea and blossomed into a caffeine-filled dwelling where you can sit, relax, and soak in the coffee. Enjoy! 

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