Carolina’s Brownies

Gourmet Artisan Brownies

Gourmet brownies made for dessert lovers, by dessert lovers
Let’s face it – dessert makes life more enjoyable. There’s nothing more heavenly than biting into a chewy, rich brownie.

We bake delicious gourmet brownies and ship them to your door! Proceeds from every purchase go to Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital.

Baking gourmet brownies is my specialty, and I make every batch for dessert lovers like you.

Every brownie is made from natural, premium ingredients like Belgian chocolate and free-range eggs. Our brownies are individually wrapped to stay fresh and delicious. Plus, we’re a small family business in Canada – so you can be sure that every brownie is made with care!

A pack of my gourmet brownies is more than just a dessert – it’s an opportunity to give a heartfelt gift, share a delicious dessert, or enhance any gathering with a crowd-pleasing treat like no other.

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1 review

  1. Love Everything Carolina’s!

    Love everything Carolina’s.
    These are my go to gift for any occasion. I also keep the torte in the freezer for an easy dessert.
    Love them!

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