Cellar Candy

Wine & Alcohol Infused Gummies

Gourmet gummies made with Real Wine and Spirits.  Products are all natural and  manufactured in B.C. Canada.  Soft, chewy, not too sweet and made from quality Canadian ingredients.

8 reviews

  1. Warning: Serious Candy Addiction soon to follow

    The best candy ever made for adults! Cellar Candy is so delicious. I’ve tried so many of their flavours & I can never just have a few. They make great gifts too!

  2. Amazing flavour and great gift idea!

    I was gifted a bag of gummies and I have not looked back- They are delicious! I have restocked many times and these are my go to gifts for birthdays and holidays: if you would give a bottle of wine- give wine candy instead! Every person I’ve ever gifted them too has loved them. I will be a customer for life.

  3. So great and must have at all parties!

    I received some gummies from Cellar and figured they be a slight flavour of the suggested popular vodka brand on the bag. Boy was I wrong and they easily became the hit of all our get togethers. The taste is truly what you you’d expect and want, the gummies were nice and soft plus really hit the spot in between food and drinks. I would definitely recommend these over Jell-O shots any day! You must make these a part of all your parties. Thx Cellar, great product and keep up the wonderful work.

  4. Guilt free Indulgence

    Best wine gums around!
    Made with Okanagan wines and clean ingredients..truly the best candy. Guilt free indulgence.
    My family fights over them. They’re that good!
    You can tell they’re fresh and made with only the best ingredients.
    But don’t buy too many! 😆 Leave some for me!!

  5. Makes for a great gift and a very tasty experience!

    Cellar candy makes THE most delicious gummies. Super tasty!! I always have a couple of bags in the cupboard to share with our company, and they are my go-to when buying gifts.

  6. Delicious

    DELICIOUS gummies!
    An awesome, unique gift, or just something special for yourself!
    I highly recommend trying.. you won’t be able to put them down 😀

  7. I have been a big fan of these wine gummies for along time! I love putting them in my client baskets, and it’s always a fav of mine for friends💓I haven’t had anything that even compares to the quality and taste of this, and Teena is so lovely to deal with! And it’s local what’s left to say lol🤷🏻‍♀️

  8. Luxury in Gummy Form

    Nom Nom Nom… I purchased a trio for a gift and now am beginning to question parting with them. They even included a free gift, a smaller bag of gummies to try. You know what? That was the hook! Incredible taste, authentic flavour and something you just want to savour. Not your usual run of the mill gummies, and very suited to the candy connoisseur and lover of spirits.
    I am 100% going to be purchasing again.

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