One Tough Mother

Pregnancy Gift Boxes + Recovery Essentials

After giving birth I was in shock. I was in pain, and struggling mentally and emotionally. I felt ready for birth, but no one prepared me for postpartum.

Then I had my second baby and it was night and day. I had everything I needed and I knew what to expect. It’s never easy, but it was joyful.


Today Allison and I (my doula and now co-founder) are on a mission to give that “second time experience” to everyone, every single time.

We help people fast track their physical healing with our handcrafted recovery products made only from premium organic and vegan ingredients.

But this about so much more than just a beautiful gift. We set new moms and parents up with the information they need to have a more joyful entry into parenthood.

It’s about empowerment in a box. Join the postpartum revolution and pass it on.


Rowan + Fionn’s Mom & One Tough Mother co-founder

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