Silvervine Sticks for Cats

Better than Catnip!

Silvervine sticks are the natural stems from the Silvervine plant (part of the kiwi family).  Silvervine (Actinidia polygama) is a non-toxic plant that is safe for cats and grows mostly in the high mountains of Asia.

Silvervine has the same safe effect as catnip on cats, just more intense! In catnip, the active natural chemical is Nepetalactone. Silver Vine also has Nepetalactone as well as an additional active natural chemical that is a natural stimulant, called Actinidine. The combination of these two natural chemicals can do wonders for your cat, helping to reduce stress and ease anxiety, leading to purring, rolling around, rubbing, and pouncing! Chewing the bark on the sticks also cleans cats’ teeth of plaque, keeping teeth and gums clean and healthy.

  • Silver Vine may also affect cats that do not typically react to catnip
  • Sticks are sourced from reputable wholesaler From the Field LLC, located in Washington State
  • This wholesaler works directly with one of the largest US laboratories of food testing services to ensure that the Silvervine they bring in from Asia are fully tested and completely safe for cats
  • Sticks can be purchased in packages of 5 or 10
  • We also sell Silvervine and Catnip pellets for a different kind of treat to try with your cat


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