Pet Custom Order Bows and Bow Ties

The Perfect 'On-the-Go' Accessory

Whether it is a special occasion, family photos or a visit with friends, our bows and bow ties are sure to impress.


Bow ties – Typically for the boys….

  • Our bow ties are guaranteed to keep their shape, stay straight and not bend or fold over, these beauties are built to last.
  • Bowties are available in regular (6″ across) and small (4.5″ across) sizes
  • Both sizes securely attach (with velcro) at 2 points to ensure it remains straight

Bows – Typically for the Girls…

  • Bows are available in regular (5.5″ – 6″ across) sizes to fit collars up to 1.5″ wide and small (4.5 – 5″ across) sizes to fit collars up to 1″ wide
  • Both sizes securely attach with Velcro and can be worn to the side, in front or at the back

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