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Are you looking for local Ottawa shops to support? Awesome! You can shop local in Ottawa with Books & Nooks, an online book store and gift shop. We’re so excited to introduce you to Assumpta, the owner of Books & Nooks, in this blog post. We asked Assumpta a few questions about her journey as an entrepreneur so far and know you’re going to love all that she has to share. Enjoy!

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What would you say is the #1 thing it takes to be successful?

    • True Grit

What’s one thing you do everyday that contributes to your success?

    • Journaling. It allows me to gather my thoughts and ideas. 

What’s one book that’s contributed to your business success?

    • Untamed by Glennon Doyle. 

What is your favourite productivity tip?

    • Writing 3 achievable goals a day to complete that contributes to your day-to-day success. 

What inspired you to start your business?

    • My love of books, reading, and getting gifts for myself. 

Do you have a morning routine that you swear by? What is it and why does it contribute to your success?

    • Morning workout. It helps to settle me, clears my mind, and gets me focused for the day. 

Do you have a favourite business podcast? Why do you love it?

    • The Brendon Show. He is motivational and straight to the point and gives great advice for both business and personal matters. 

How do you relax and recharge?

    • By allotting time in the day for just me. In that time I’ll light a scented candle for some aromatherapy and read a book. 

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in business?

    • Be patient. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. 

How do you maintain a positive mindset in business and life when those inevitable challenges arise?

    • Just realizing that throughout life there will be successes and failures but don’t let either one get you too far up so that you lose focus or too far down so that you give up.
shop local in ottawa with books and nooks

Thank you so much to Assumpta for sharing some of her greatest success tips and general business advice. What an inspiration for us all! 

To learn more about her business and to support her local Ottawa shop, check out Books & Nooks

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