Best Selling Ontario Made Greeting Cards

Don’t say it with a last-minute drugstore pick up – try some best selling Ontario made greeting cards from a talented Canadian maker instead. These particular cards have been named the most popular time and time again, so order yours ahead of time and be prepared next time the occasion rolls around.

Best Selling Ontario Made Greeting Cards

Best Selling Ontario Made Greeting Cards

HBD Card

Minimal designs that say it all – that’s what you get at Mango Creative Designs (based in Toronto, ON). These popular cards are handcrafted from start to finish with few details, yet boldly displayed. Take this happy birthday card for example, a simple design with only initials required, yet it still gets the point across in an understated fashion. If you’re looking for uniquely simple, Mango Creative is your pal.

The Funny Anniversary Card

Pixie Card Co. (based in Thunder Bay, ON) specializes in making you laugh, whether your card is suggestive, swears a little or is simply downright snort worthy. These, my friend, are not your average greeting cards. Clever word play, hilarious imagery and simple designs make these cards one-of-a-kind when you frequent the greeting card scene. Perhaps our favourite – “To another successful year of not murdering each other. Happy anniversary.”

Best selling ontario made greeting cards

The Absurd Card

Snide and ridiculous, these humorous cards from Black River Letterpress (based in Georgina, ON) are actually made on a vintage letter printing press using wood or lead type and vintage image cuts. What started as a way to print their wedding invitations turned into an interesting hobby and now passionate business. This card in particular – It was on a Thursday that Kyle realized he was different from the other unicorns – is just taste of the weirdly absurd and hilarious cards they have crafted for your pleasure.

Graduation Card

Loving art and design from a young age, Denise is the founder and artist behind The Pretty Pink Studio (based in New Tecumseth, ON). From fashion and travels to photography and womanhood, anything and everything inspires her to draw and put it on a card. Balancing a full-time job alongside her own business, Denise is a busy woman. Perhaps her most popular, this custom graduation card is a hot seller saying, “Girl, you did it.” Well, right back at ya Denise!

Beach Bums Card

Ania Karina (based in Hamilton, ON) makes all her art and illustrations with love. Her simple quirkiness is bound to give you and your card recipient a laugh, whether for a birthday, anniversary or special occasion. This card in particular is a cheeky option, showing two pals and their free-spirited backsides gazing into the distance together. You already thinking of the perfect somebody when you see this card, too?

Ice Cream Card

You may know her for her Foodie Home Collection of mugs, tea towels, notepads and other home accessories, but Tiffany Wong Design has expanded her horizons to include food-themed stationery under Maylay Co (based in Toronto, ON). From bubble tea and brunch to pizza and sushi, gazing at your unique stationery now might just make your stomach rumble. Popular opinion says that her melt-worthy ice cream card is numero uno, a year-round treat loved by all.

Birthday Bonanza Card

Holidays, anniversaries, meeting new people or sending your regards, Thoughtfully Handmade (based in Toronto, ON) has a card for it. Don’t go to the store and buy the first generic one you see; instead, choose something handmade from this local maker who pours love into each and every design. Popular choice has it that their birthday bonanza collection has us all swooning – choose from a wide variety of colours to match your birthday person with this unique design.

Best Selling Ontario Made Greeting Cards

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Written by Kelsey Woods

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