We’re excited to share more about Buttercream Clothing, a Calgary clothing store, making ethical and sustainable women’s clothing.

Candice, the owner of Buttercream Clothing, was living in Kelowna, BC when she started her business but now resides in Calgary, AB with her husband and four kids. With a strong desire to create extra income so she could avoid returning to her previous career as a Veterinary Assistant after her first child was born, she started Buttercream Clothing on a whim.


Initially, Candice made and sold aprons to family and friends through home parties. Although she enjoyed making aprons, based on the requests she kept receiving she realized there was a high demand for her to make clothing. Rather than ignore those requests because she had no idea how to make clothes, she took this as an opportunity to learn and grow as an entrepreneur and seamstress. Candice taught herself to make clothes by watching YouTube videos and with a lot of practice.

One of the qualities that really stands out with Candice is her willingness to try something new and change the direction of her business. She was willing to adapt to the requests of her customers. This is one of her biggest tips for other entrepreneurs – pay attention to what people want and be willing to switch things up a bit. Her business wouldn’t have achieved its current level of success if she was still only making aprons.

With manufacturing facilities in Kelowna and Calgary, she’s able to employ around 12 individuals (primarily women). As a Mom and women in business, she loves that Buttercream Clothing has grown to a place that can provide employment opportunities for other women.

Clothing Brand In Calgary, AB

Buttercream Clothing has become a well-known made in Canada clothing company based on ethical practices, luxurious comfort and incredible quality. Candice even has a growing community of loyal customers that are part of a private Facebook group where members help with sizing questions, post pictures to show the fit and become a resource for others. This is an incredible testament to the brand that Candice has worked hard to build.

Buttercream Clothing, is such an amazing example of the importance of persistence and dedication in business. Candice know first-hand the important of shopping local and believes it “makes more of an impact”. We couldn’t agree more. 

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