Calgary Businesses Best Selling Products

If you’re looking to discover Calgary businesses and their best selling products, you’re in the right place. We’re excited to introduce you to the following Calgary-based businesses so you can easily support shops in your home city. Enjoy!



The Potion Masters 

  • Bestseller: Fairy Fountain Antioxidant Hydration Serum

“Fairy Fountain Antioxidant Hydration Serum is a game changer for eco-conscious beauty. Because it is waterless and concentrated, one bottle lasts up to 5x longer than traditional water-based skincare. This hydration hero replaces toner, essence, and serum. Bursting with vitamins and antioxidants from green tea and superberries; Fairy Fountain gives skin an ethereal glow.”


Harmony Grace Designs

  • Bestseller: Heart Collection Booties

“HGD’s Heart Collection Booties have been a huge favourite since they debuted in 2016. In fact, these are our most popular boot collection!! They have also inspired an Organic Cotton Heart Collection, and a Double Heart Collection as well; check that cuteness out! These sweet crochet booties are made to last, are incredibly adorable, and most importantly, stay on! Our boots are made with all natural, locally sourced wool and handmade wooden heart buttons, and we have optional leather soles for the new walkers. All of our boot and moccasin soles are specifically designed for a babes growing brain. Our Heart Collection Booties are beautiful, wearable pieces of fibre art; kinda cool, right?!”

Lace Brick Design

  • Bestseller: Alpine Necklace available in gold, rose gold and silver

“Mountain Girls love love LOVE this statement symbol of adventure and they love to treat themselves to the matching Alpine earrings and Alpine rings! Well-made, beautiful accessories are the perfect way to express one’s self without saying a word and our Alpine Necklace lets the World know the one thing that inspires an alpine babe the most – the mountains!”


  • Bestsellers: Dolly Parton print

“I always have a running “what should Tay paint” list in our store, and Dolly Parton came up more times than I can count! With my signature bright colors and paint drips, a portrait of a young Dolly comes to life. At a standard frame size of 11×14, this print is the perfect size for any room.”

wee Rock Art

  • Bestseller: Pebble pictures about love and humour 

“Pebble art about the love between families and friends are the Best- selling pieces; however, upon returning from Croatia, I was inspired to make an OWL series of pictures from the stunning white stones which Croatia is known for- and the response has been amazing! I just wish I’d brought more rocks back because the OWL series will have to end once I have depleted my beautiful Croatia white stones!”


Lines By Lacey

  • Bestseller: Bottle Of F*cks To Give

“You never want to be in a situation where you have no more F*cks to give”

Blue Rhubarb Creations

  • Bestseller: Woven Wall Hanging With Felt Flowers

“My items are designed to be unique and versatile for home decorating needs. I use quality materials such as premium wool felt and fibers that are toxin free and meet Oeko-Tex standards. I ensure that all products are free from pet allergens and environmental toxins when created in my studio. It is important to me to have quality items that can be hung or used immediately with no harm to others and the environment. Even though I have a handmade business, professionalism, trust, and reputable products are a top priority when designing and selling my products.

Colour palettes are carefully selected and attention to details are a must when handcrafting each item. Each product is meant to be treasured and make great gifts or for your own decorating pleasure. There are many talented makers who have woven wall hangings but I feel that by adding my felt flowers to each wall decor item, sets my products apart and bring texture, design, style, and creativity not found anywhere else.”

Jaybee Design

  • Bestsellers: ‘A Toast To The Happy Couple’ greeting card & grocery list notepad

“The notepad because it is so versatile and easy to use. The card because it cute and punny!”

Dragonfly Gift Baskets

  • Bestsellers: Your Local Eats Gift Basket

“The Local Eats Gift Box features 100% local products, including the handmade wooden box it is presented in. Supporting local is becoming more and more important to consumers, and we love that we can showcase so many local businesses, all in one beautiful gift!”

Steel Daisy

  • Bestseller: Strong AF Morse Code Necklace

“I use sterling silver and gold filled beads to spell out words on a necklace in the dots and dashes of morse code. It is a secret message you can wear to give you confidence, and the perfect gift to show someone you know how strong they can be.”


Mariposa is an eclectic online gift shop based in Calgary that donates to local charities.

  • Bestseller: Pumpkin Door Mat

“It’s fun and seasonal”

Loyal Badger Knits

  • Bestseller: Iris Cropped Sweater Knitting Pattern

“It’s a really cute sweater made from bulky yarn so it’s also a quick knit.”

YYC Beeswax

  • Bestseller: Mini Self-Care Kit

“Our mini self care kit offers a sampler of some of our most popular products – a natural beeswax tealight, a mini lip balm, and a heart shaped lotion bar. All of our products are handcrafted in Calgary using the most local materials we can find.

Our lip balm, which is always well received and a top seller, is available in many different flavours allowing customization of the kit. We include a mini here for portability – they are fantastic for purses, pockets, and more.

The lotion bar is perfectly portable making it a great candidate for on-the-go use. We include our Plain Jane recipe, which is unscented. To top it all off, the heart shape is absolutely adorable!

The last element of the kit is the beeswax tealight. Alberta is Canada’s largest producer of honey, and we are proud to use 100% Alberta beeswax in all our solid wax products (we also use Alberta beeswax in the lotion bar and lip balm too!). The scent is positively decadent!

Putting everything together, the kits are beautifully packaged and ready to gift. They are a popular option for all gifting occasions (they make fantastic last minute gifts, secret Santa gifts, and stocking stuffers!)”

More Calgary Businesses Best Sellers


  • Bestseller: Turquoise Earrings

Speake Designs

  • Bestseller: May You Be Proud Sign

Rare Ordinaire

  • Bestseller: Personalized Stocking Tags

Olive Wood Glory

  • Bestseller: Olive Wood Salt Container

Sarra Todd Designs

  • Bestseller: Custom Pet Face Sweater

Hopefully this helped you discover some new Calgary businesses and their products so you can support shops close to home. We’ll continue to update this list as we discover more Calgary businesses best selling products.

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