Business Name: Karen Leone Designs

Based In: Calgary, Alberta

Products Include: Eco-friendly products like reusable snack bags, face wipes, wet bags, lunch bags, un-paper towels, and more.

Learn more about Karen Leone Designs in our interview below.

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Karen Leone Designs Calgary, Alberta

What inspired you to open your shop?

My passion for the preserving the planet and having to reenter the work force collided and Karen Leone Designs was born.

How would you describe your business?

My business is a great representation of who I am. I am passionate about the planet and environment, but am a realist that perfection is not a real thing. I try to have a wide variety of products and options so that, in theory, everyone could make one small swap and the result would be drastic. I love fabric shopping and I love showcasing as much of my personality through some of the prints I choose. From really pretty florals to strong feminist messages, my hope is to have a little something for everyone.

When it came time to name my business it was a no-brainer. My mother, along side my grandmother and aunts taught me a lot of the sewing and creativity. It only made sense to name my company after my mother who was wildly creative, incredibly smart, and a power house in every way.

What’s your best selling product and why is it so popular?

The strong staple is the OG Sandwich and Snack bags, they were what started and all items snowballed from there.

I think its an easy entry. Its a small enough purchase to test the waters of a reusable more sustainable way of living. I think sometimes the thought of going zero waste or low waste can feel overwhelming. Snack bags are an easy way to make a small change, and I try to have a wide variety of options with fabrics, so with over 100 to choose from theres sure to be one that catches the eye

What’s your favourite product from your own shop?

Currently my personal favourite is the new Lunch Bags that entered the shop this summer. They are versatile and durable. I love that they can go just about anywhere and will keep the lunch dry, warm/cold, and the prints are just so dang cute.

What’s your favourite local Alberta business?

There are so many to choose from and I love finding new ones as I do different markets and trade show, but Sage Pottery in Black Diamond will always be a strong staple 🙂

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