Canadian Artists You Need To See

We’re excited to share these Canadian artists with you. They’re all painting incredible art in a range of styles and budgets. This is a resource you can keep referring to because we’re going to keep adding to this list as we discover more artist in Canada that we want to share with you. If you’re in need of unique artwork for your home or office, we recommend that you consider these local Canadian artists.


Some pictures are from the websites of the businesses we feature. This post may contain affiliate links. At no cost to you, we may earn a small commission if you make a purchase. This helps support our team and allows us to keep making local shopping in Canada easy. Thank you for supporting our family-owned small business too!


Rhonda Marineau

Rhonda Marineau is a Canadian artist based in Halifax, NS. Her collection of original art consists mainly of landscape and floral paintings. She has a lot of small paintings available which would make incredible gift ideas. Our personal favourite piece is this 5×7″ country road painting. It would look great on a gallery wall or on its own in a hallway or bedroom.

Picture Credit: Rhonda Marineau

Diana Gourianova

Canadian artist, Diana Gourianova, is based in Toronto, ON. She creates bright and colourful oil and acrylic landscape themed paintings. We absolutely love the painting below of the rocky mountains. It reminds us of our time living in Calgary, AB and would be a great gift for mountain lovers

Picture Credit: Diana Gourianova

Sally Chupick

Sally Chupick is a Canadian artist based in Victoria, BC. Her paintings are beach and cottage themed. We love the landscape painting below that features Vancouver Island’s Strathcona Park. She also has a collection of mini art that’s painted directly on reclaimed wood and even some on driftwood. They’re really neat and would make a great gift idea.

Picture Credit: Sally Chupick

Irina Jouk

Irina Jouk is another amazing Canadian artist (based in Windsor Ontario) that we wanted to share with you. She paints a number of original oil paintings but we particularly love her colourful flower themed paintings. These would make an incredible gift for flower lovers.

Picture Credit: Irina Jouk

Elizabeth Elkin

When we first saw Elizabeth Elkin’s artwork, all we could say is WOW. We love the captivating colours and the unique palette knife technique she uses to create these abstract paintings.

Picture Credit: Elizabeth Elkin


When it comes to artists in Calgary, there are so many talented people creating amazing art. If you’re looking to add a new piece of art to your home or are simply curious about the artists in Calgary, see the list below for Calgary artists to check out. 

Michelle Pocock Abstract Art

Calgary artist, Michelle Pocock, paints some of our favourite large abstract art. In her collection you’ll find a mix of pieces that are more colourful and vibrant while others are more minimal and neutral. All are equally stunning and create the perfect statement piece. Most sizes available range from 40×40 inches to 72×72 inches.

Picture Credit: Michelle Pocock

Tay Odynski

Tay Odynski’s art is colourful, vibrant and has a really playful vibe. She definitely paints “by her own rules” and we absolutely love the outcome. Check out her website or visit her in person at Chroma Club (right across from Chinook Mall)

Christine Mey Studio

Christine’s paintings are perfect for your space if you’re looking for a relaxing and calming vibe. They’re really stunning and just looking at them makes us feel more relaxed. They’re all painted on canvas and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Picture from Christine Mey Studio

Shahen Jetha Fine Art

These minimal texture pieces by Shahen Jetha are absolutely incredible. Looking at them is like taking a big breath of fresh air. We truly love their calming presence and intricate nature.

Picture from Shahen Fine Art

Gary McMillan Fine Art

Gary McMillan is a talented artist creating gorgeous colourful landscape paintings. From mountains to sunsets to clouds, there are so many themes to choose from. 

Picture from McMillan Fine Art

Charlene Kolesnik

Charlene Kolesnik is a Calgary artist painting bright and colourful abstract mountain-inspired paintings. These paintings would look great in a cabin or cottage and are a perfect gift for mountain lovers.

Lynda Black

Lynda Black is a Calgary artist creating original black and white abstract art. We love her unique geometric designs and quotes artwork.

Picture Credit: Lynda Black

Wee Rock Art

Donna, the artist behind Wee Rock Art, creates gorgeous framed art using stones, sea glass, driftwood and shells she collects herself. She uses her pebble art to tell powerful stories.

Art By Emanna

Emanna creates paintings that are a modern and contemporary take on traditional landscape paintings. They’re gorgeous and really colourful. She has a mix of original paintings and high quality fine art print sets. 

Picture from Art By Emanna


Irina Bakumenko

This incredible watercolour painting is by Irina Bakumenko, a local Kelowna BC artist. She creates beautiful watercolour art of houses, streets and cityscapes. If you’re in need of a custom house portrait, she offers this service which would make a great gift idea.

Picture Credit: Irina Bakumenko

Brandy Barry Wyatt

Brandy Barry Wyatt paints bright and colourful animals. These paintings are truly unique and bring a fun energy to your home. Our favourite is the colourful wolf shown below but what seems to be the most popular in her shop is her painting of a ‘Happy Moose’. You can buy prints or original paintings from this Kelowna artist. These would look great in your cabin or cottage.

Picture Credit: Brandy Barry Wyatt

Dorina Zieske Art

Kelowna artist, Dorina Zieske, paints gorgeous watercolours that are whimsical and romantic. Many of her paintings feature flowers or scenes in nature. Our personal favourite painting is the one shown below featuring a girl walking in a field of daisies. Dorina has both prints and original paintings available in her shop.

Picture Credit: Dorina Zieske Art

Morgan Ralston Art

Morgan Ralston paints bright coloured and cheerful art using acrylic paints. His nature inspired artwork draws you in and brings a smile to your face. You can really feel the energy in each piece. Both prints and originals are available.

Picture Credit: Morgan Ralston

Antonina Dunaeva

Antonina Dunaeva focuses on painting places you may want to visit one day or maybe places you already love like Tuscany Italy. Our favourite is this beautiful Tuscany twilight landscape original painting. The colours are stunning.

Picture Credit: Antonina Dunaeva

Michelle Woods

Michelle Woods is the artist behind the Kelowna based shop, Okay Woods. She creates unique mountain-inspired illustrations that we love. Our personal favourites are the colourful mountain illustrations, like the one shown below, but she also creates black and white minimalist designs.

Picture Credit: Okay Woods

These local Kelowna artists are creating some incredible artwork that is a perfect way to decorate your home and add a local flair. You can enjoy this local art as you’re sipping coffee from your favourite Kelowna pottery mug.

If you’re looking for more BC artists, we found this resource for you – British Columbia abstract artists.


We’re excited to share Canadian artists from Vancouver, BC with you. Some of these Vancouver artists are painting colourful abstract art, others are creating whimsical watercolour paintings. 

Shweta Patil Art

Shweta Patil is creating beautiful abstract landscape paintings along with floral abstracts. Her shop has both prints and original paintings available.

  • Free shipping is available
Picture Credit: Shweta Patil

Taralee Guild

Vancouver artist, Taralee Guild, is primarily creating colourful and unique landscape forest artwork like the piece shown below. Her art transports you to a dreamy and surreal state. She has both prints and original paintings available in her shop.

  • Free shipping is available
Picture Credit: Taralee Guild

Samira Sukhatme

Samira Sukhatme, a Vancouver-based artist, creates some very unique mixed media artwork. Her creations combine paint, markers, thread and pastels that completely draw you in. She describes it as “art that captures the essence of nature and architecture”. 

Picture Credit: Samira Sukhatme

Barb Krell

Barb Krell’s original art is both colourful and whimsical. Her paintings are made with professional acrylic or oil paints along with mixed media mediums. She has a range of sizes available including smaller paintings that add the perfect little accent to your home or are great to give as a gift.

  • Free shipping is available
Picture Credit: Barb Krell

Jill Dubuc

Vancouver artist, Jill Dubuc, creates large textured abstract art. Most of her paintings are blue, emerald green, black and white. If you’re looking to make a statement, Jill’s artwork is beautiful. 


Picture Credit: Jill Dubuc

Rebecca Santry

The artwork by Vancouver artist, Rebecca Santry, is made using a technique called cyanotype. This is a process where sunlight and water are used to create the art you see in Rebecca’s collection. It’s such unique artwork and comes on a oak hanging fixtures.

Picture Credit: Rebecca Santry

Brazen Design Studio

Brazen Edwards is a Vancouver artist creating original watercolour paintings. Along with unique home decor and accessories that feature her artwork, she has a growing collection of original paintings in her shop. We love her abstract watercolour paintings, like the one shown below. 

Picture Credit: Brazen Design Studio

Erica Seckinger Art

Erica Seckinger is another Canadian artist based in Vancouver, BC. She’s painting primarily abstract art and many of her original artwork features neutral colours and give off a very calming vibe. These paintings would be great in a bedroom or living room.

Picture Credit: Erica Seckinger Art

These incredible Vancouver artists are creating a range of beautiful art perfect for gifts & to decorate your home. Keep scrolling to discover even more Canadian artists or head to this resource – Canadian Abstract Artists – if you’re particularly interested in abstract art.


RonaLynn Fitzpatrick

Ronalynn Fitzpatrick is a Canadian artist based in Winnipeg, MB. She’s been creating art for over 40 years and her current collection includes abstract works on paper. These smaller pieces would make a great gift for art collectors.

  • Free shipping is available
Picture Credit: RL Fitzpatrick

Jared Loewen

Winnipeg artist, Jared Loewen, is creating contemporary original art. Our favourite collection is his colourful line art like the piece shown below. These colourful paintings would definitely add a joyful vibe to your home. 

  • Free shipping is available
Picture Credit: Jared Loewen

Eugene Kabrun

Eugene Kabrun is creating gorgeous mixed media landscape and portrait paintings. Our absolutely favourite piece is this flower farm acrylic painting on canvas.

  • Free shipping is available
Picture Credit: Kabrun Art

Alice Smith

Winnipeg artist, Alice Smith, is creating original pencil drawings that have so many amazing details. She also offers custom pet portraits which make an awesome gift for dog lovers.

Picture Credit: Alice Smith

Le Papillon Art

Charlene Du Toit is the artist behind the shop, Le Papillon Art. She creates incredible mixed media art that includes portraits like the piece shown below. She also creates pieces that feature a quote or saying. These pieces are truly unique.

Picture Credit: Le Papillon Art

Whillikers Studio

This art is made using traditional print making techniques. A piece of linoleum is hand carved, covered in ink and then stamped. Each of these prints from Whillikers Studio is so intricate. We love this sunflower design.

Picture Credit: Whillikers Studio


Kitchener is not just the tech hub of Ontario, it is also home to many talented artists. If you’re looking to add a new art piece to your home, find a unique gift, or are simply curious about the art scene in Kitchener then keep scrolling to discover some truly gifted Canadian artists. 

Melina Panara

Melina Panara is a commission-based abstract artist. In each of her pieces, Melina explores various forms of light, colour, and texture, making every one truly unique. If you’re looking for the perfect pop of colour for your home, office, or staging project then be sure to check out her gallery.

Ashley Toner Art 

Ashley Toner Art creates stunning, textured palette knife paintings. These bold and bright canvases are truly one of a kind. Inspired by nature and the landscapes of Northern Ontario, Ashley uses thick acrylic paint and a palette knife to create her 3D pieces.

Ana Ru Studio

Ana Ru is an online shop created by artists Ana and Ruza. Some of their art is soft watercolour while others are beautifully bold oil paintings. Inspired by the changing of seasons, these nature-inspired pieces are the perfect touch for your home or cottage and make a great gift for lovers of the outdoors.

S Zac Art Studio

S Zac Art Studio creates rich and vibrant pieces that will become the focal point of any space. Artist Simona specializes in both florals and abstracts and will also create custom pieces upon request. If you’re in the market for a great anniversary or wedding gift, you can even order a custom wedding bouquet.

Original Art & Print

Original Art & Print by Rony specializes mostly in small, watercolour paintings and cards. Highlighting the beauty of both natural landscapes and city views, you’re sure to find the perfect piece in their impressive collection. Their selection of cards, bookmarks, and postcards also make a great choice for a memorable housewarming or birthday gift.

These Canadian artists are creating incredible artwork that would look amazing in your home or office. Original paintings also make a great wedding gift and housewarming gift. We’re excited to keep adding to this list of artists.

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