Are you looking for the best original art under $100 by artists in Canada? Maybe you need a gift for someone who appreciates one-of-a-kind art, or maybe you need to decorate your home on a budget, or maybe you need a small piece of art for the perfect little spot in your home. We’re so excited to share these Canadian artists and their paintings that are under $100. 


Some pictures are from the websites of the businesses we feature. This post may contain affiliate links. At no cost to you, we may earn a small commission if you make a purchase. This helps support our team and allows us to keep making local shopping in Canada easy. Thank you for supporting our family-owned small business too!

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Tiana Art

Tiana Tytarenko is a Canadian artist based in Hamilton, Ontario. She paints with oils, acrylics and watercolours which means she has a wide variety of beautiful paintings to choose from. The diversity in not only the mediums she paints with but the creative thinking is astounding and really shows Tiana’s creative abilities and talent. You can choose from paintings of vibrant flowers, abstract, animals, watercolour paintings, eye portraits and more. You will be amazed by the amount of paintings in her shop and many paintings under $100. We love the 4×6″ painting called ‘Arizona’ shown below.

Picture Credit: Tiana Art

Christina Silviero

Christina Silviero is a abstract artist from Laval, Quebec with a great collection of abstract art under $100. For only $75.00 you can own or gift a beautiful set of 9 paintings on paper (shown below). Christina uses different mediums such as acrylic paint, pens, pencils, spray paint and more. You can choose to mat and frame all 9 paintings together to create a large art piece on your wall or separate them however you like, making it unique to you.

Picture Credit: Christina Siviero Art

Julie Denis

Another Canadian artist creating beautiful and bold abstract art is Julie Denis (based in Cowansville, QC). Make an impact in any area of your home with these gorgeous acrylic paintings with strong colour combinations and added details using marker and pencil. Add them to a standard 5×7 inch frame. Every time you walk by these paintings they are sure to bring you joy.

Picture Credit: Julie Denis

Cottage Beach Art

Sally Chupick is the owner and artist behind Cottage Beach Art, a local Victoria BC shop. You can almost feel each season Sally is painting. The warmth of a fire on a warm summer’s night by the ocean, the crisp crunch of autumn leaves, or the softness of new buds on the trees in springtime. She encompasses the richness of the colours and makes you feel like you are almost in her painting. To add to the beauty and depth of her paintings, Sally paints her paintings on reclaimed cedar wood. She has an entire collection of mini paintings to choose from. We recently purchased the beautiful piece shown below and love it. We included Cottage Beach Art in our best Canadian Etsy shops shopping guide.

Chantal Proulx

Chantal Proulx is an abstract artists based in Montreal, Quebec. She is very methodical when creating her art. Working from emotion, taking thoughtful breaks to reflect on what she has created and how she wants to build on those creations. She paints beautiful abstract paintings using acrylic paint, crayons, ink and graphite. You can feel the intention Chantal puts into her work and she has a number of small paintings under $100.

Picture Credit: Chantal Proulx

Wren By The Sea

Lauren is the Vancouver artist behind local Vancouver shop Wren By The Sea. She creates gorgeous abstract watercolour landscape paintings. They’re painted in monochrome which gives each painting a moodiness and depth to them. Much of the artist’s inspiration comes from the ocean, where they live. You can feel the life lived in each painting. Each painting works together giving you the option to build a gallery wall or grouping of your favourite paintings.

Picture Credit: Wren By The Sea

Lena Terzi

Lena Terzi is an artist based in Morden, Manitoba. She paints beautiful oil paintings and has an entire collection of mini 4×4″ oil paintings that come framed and ready to be hung on your wall. The depth, use of colour contrast and details are something to revel in. Choose from flowers, cats, bees, portraits and so much more.

Picture Credit: Lena Terzi

Christine Hamel

Christine Hamel is an artist based in Montreal, QC. She creates beautiful watercolour paintings in a variety of styles. Her abstract pieces feature interesting lines, circles and other abstract techniques with a few floral design options. You are bound to find original art under $100 that speaks to you. Christine’s use of a subdued colour palette is calming and sure to compliment any home aesthetics.

Lydia Knox

Lydia Knox is a local Owen Sound, ON artist. The original art painting below is under $100 and includes vibrant colours and beautiful details that almost pop right off of the canvas. This particular painting tells the story of a storm rolling over a golden field. The contrast of the grey storm clouds against the golden field are breathtaking. We’ve all seen storm clouds rolling in but the sunshine is still shining on the fields and Lydia has done a great job of capturing it.

Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy is the Canadian artist behind local St. John’s Newfoundland shop, Made With Clay & Love. Her mini original paintings feature colourful birds. These make great gift for bird lovers.

Picture Credit: Made With Clay & Love

Two By Raquel

Raquel is a Calgary artist and the owner and artist behind Two By Raquel. She paints beautiful starry night skies with tree silhouettes. The contrast between the black tree silhouette and the starry night skies is stunning. Using vibrant purples and blues to capture a night sky or pinks, yellows and purples to capture a sunset stayer sky, Raquel has captured the beauty of starry nights. Make sure you read Raquel’s bio on her Etsy page to learn how she came up with the simple, yet very meaningful name “Two” for her business, it will bring a smile to your face.

Picture Credit: Two By Raquel

As you can see there is amazing original art under $100 available from Canadian artists. Thank you for supporting these local Canadian businesses and artists. It means so much.

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