Canadian Artists You Need To See

We’re excited to share these incredible Canadian artists with you. They’re all painting beautiful original art in a range of styles and mediums from watercolours to large abstract pieces. This is a resource you can keep referring to because we’re going to keep adding to this list as we discover more artists in Canada that we want to share with you. If you’re in need of unique artwork for your home or office, we recommend that you consider these local Canadian artists.


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Diana Gourianova

Canadian artist, Diana Gourianova, is based in Toronto, ON. She creates bright and colourful oil and acrylic landscape themed paintings. We absolutely love the painting below of the rocky mountains. It reminds us of our time living in Calgary, AB and would be a great gift for mountain lovers

Picture Credit: Diana Gourianova

Elizabeth Elkin: Canadian Artist

When we first saw Elizabeth Elkin’s artwork, all we could say is WOW. We love the captivating colours and the unique palette knife technique she uses to create these abstract paintings. She’s quickly become one of our favourite Canadian artists.

Picture Credit: Elizabeth Elkin

Artist In Canada: Sally Chupick

Sally Chupick is a Canadian artist based in Victoria, BC. Her paintings are beach and cottage themed. We love the landscape painting below that features Vancouver Island’s Strathcona Park. She also has a collection of mini art that’s painted directly on reclaimed wood and even some on driftwood. They’re really neat and would make a great gift idea. We’ve included her mini paintings in our original art under $100 shopping guide as well as our favourite Canadian Etsy shops list.

Picture Credit: Sally Chupick

Irina Jouk: Artist In Canada

Irina Jouk is another amazing Canadian artist (based in Windsor Ontario) that we wanted to share with you. She paints a number of original oil paintings but we particularly love her colourful flower themed paintings. These would make an incredible gift for flower lovers.

Picture Credit: Irina Jouk

Canadian Artist: Christina Siviero

You can feel Christina’s love for vibrant colours in each of her paintings. Using all different medians like acrylic, pens, markers, and torn scrap pieces of paper it gives her abstract art pieces a fun and playful feel. With a variety of sizes and price points, Christina’s art is accessible for everyone to enjoy. We also included some of her smaller artwork in our original art under $100 shopping guide.

Picture Credit: Christina Siviero

Janet Reid Wilson Canadian Artist

Janet Reid Wilson is a Canadian artist based in Eden Mills, Ontario. She paints gorgeous, vibrant oil paintings of beautiful flowers, fruits, and different places and nature. But the most special paintings she does are custom portraits. Take your favourite photo and she will make it come to life on the canvas. Her attention to detail and ability to capture the true essence of the people she is painting is incredible. We really love her floral paintings, especially the pink magnolias shown below.

Picture Credit: Janet Reid Wilson Art

Laurie DeCamillis

Laurie DeCamillis has a very interesting approach to her oil paintings. In an effort to be completely connected to what she is painting, she does something called painting plein air. This is where she is physically in the space that she is painting, whether it be a meadow, a forest, by a river or surrounded by magnolia trees and she completes each painting in one sitting. In this unique way of painting you can see how she captures what she is seeing, smelling and feeling by being in nature.

Picture Credit: Laurie DeCamillis

Jana Hazurin

Beautiful, vibrant oil paintings of still life, landscape, street life and more. Using warm colours and texture to create movement in her abstract paintings, Jana Hazurin (a local Montreal shop) invokes emotions and makes you feel as if you are where she is painting. Whether it’s the Montreal cityscape or a field of golden yellow sunflowers you can feel what is happening within her paintings. 

Picture Credit: Jana Hazurin

Canadian Artist: Joanne Hastie

Canadian landscape artist, Joanne Hastie, is based in New Westminster, BC. She paints the thick and beautiful dense forests of British Columbia, florals, scenes from Italy and more. Many of her acrylic paintings feature the sun at different times of the day breaking through the trees. When you first look at the “Sunny Outlook” painting, the midday sun bursting through the thick, forest trees almost makes you squint. It makes you feel like you are actually there.

Picture Credit: Joanne Hastie

Canadian Artist: Patrick Markle

If you love the views of Canadian mountains, rivers and forests from Alberta and British Columbia than you are going to love the work of Canadian artist Patrick Markle. He captures the incredible mountains cutting through the skies, with rushing rivers at their base. You can almost feel the movement of the water in his artwork. His artwork is available as both prints and originals and would make an amazing gift for mountain lovers.

Picture Credit: Patrick Markle

Sheri Larsen Art Studio: Canadian Art

Sheri Larsen is an accomplished New Brunswick artist. Her contemporary and expressionist award winning art is enjoyed by art collectors around the world. If contemporary art is your style, you’ll definitely want to check out her original artwork.

Picture Credit: Sheri Larsen Art Studio

Sheila Davidson

Sheila Davidson is a Canadian artist based in St. John, New Brunswick. Her original watercolour paintings have nautical and nature inspired themes. We love how colourful her paintings are. She even offers original pet portraits that make great gift ideas.

Picture Credit: Sheila Davidson

Evelyne Richer

Drawing inspiration from her years of travelling the world and winters spent in Arizona, Evelyne paints incredible abstract pieces using bold colours, strong shapes and sharp lines. Drawn to painting on large canvases, making a strong impact on any room where her art is displayed. You will notice her work changes often as she works in small series batches, changing as she learns new mediums and and takes on new inspiration.

Sophie Asselin: Canadian Abstract Artist

Quebec artist, Sophie Asselin, paints really unique and contemporary abstract art. Her artwork is colourful and minimal and will definitely add character and charm to your home.

Grace Patrick

Grace Patrick is another talented Canadian artist. She’s based in London, ON and creates acrylic and watercolour original paintings. We love her original peony painting shown below. She also paints really beautiful custom house portraits

Picture Credit: Grace In London


Kitchener is not just the tech hub of Ontario, it is also home to many talented artists. If you’re looking to add a new art piece to your home, find a unique gift, or are simply curious about the art scene in Kitchener then keep scrolling to discover some truly gifted Canadian artists. 

Canadian Artist: Melina Panara

Melina Panara is a commission-based abstract artist. In each of her pieces, Melina explores various forms of light, colour, and texture, making every one truly unique. If you’re looking for the perfect pop of colour for your home, office, or staging project then be sure to check out her gallery.

Ashley Toner: Canadian Art 

Ashley Toner Art creates stunning, textured palette knife paintings. These bold and bright canvases are truly one of a kind. Inspired by nature and the landscapes of Northern Ontario, Ashley uses thick acrylic paint and a palette knife to create her 3D pieces.

Ana Ru Studio: Canadian Artist

Ana Ru is an online shop created by artists Ana and Ruza. Some of their art is soft watercolour while others are beautifully bold oil paintings. Inspired by the changing of seasons, these nature-inspired pieces are the perfect touch for your home or cottage and make a great gift for lovers of the outdoors.

S Zac Art Studio

S Zac Art Studio creates rich and vibrant pieces that will become the focal point of any space. Artist Simona specializes in both florals and abstracts and will also create custom pieces upon request. If you’re in the market for a great anniversary or wedding gift, you can even order a custom wedding bouquet.

Original Art & Print

Original Art & Print by Rony specializes mostly in small, watercolour paintings and cards. Highlighting the beauty of both natural landscapes and city views, you’re sure to find the perfect piece in their impressive collection. Their selection of cards, bookmarks, and postcards also make a great choice for a memorable housewarming or birthday gift.

These Canadian artists are creating incredible artwork that would look amazing in your home or office. Original paintings also make a great wedding gift and housewarming gift. We’re excited to keep adding to this list of artists in Canada.