Business Name: Common House Studio

Based In: Welland, Ontario

Products Include: Modern, lightweight, hand painted planters

Learn more about Common House Studio in our interview below.

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Common House Studio Welland, Ontario

What inspired you to open your shop?

It’s kind of funny but it was actually when my friend tagged me in a giveaway post for a pillow that was featured in an Australian shop. There was this black and white polka dotted planter in the background of the photo (with giant dots) and I instantly loved it. I had always loved plants but I was never too crazy about filling my house with them because I always felt the planters that were available to me were lacking or boring, nothing very exciting. Seeing this polka dotted planter awoke something in me and I was like, ‘hey, I could totally do that’! I have always loved painting and I could totally envision myself painting planters all day. I immediately began researching where to buy plain pots, that were durable but lightweight (as I knew that I wanted to run an e-commerce business, so they had to be able to withstand the unforgiving nature of the freight carriers) and started sketching out my designs, gathering paint samples, dreaming up my company name, logos and branding, all before I had even painted my first planter (let alone received any proto samples). I just knew that this new endeavour was going to be life changing for me!

How would you describe your business?

All of the planters are painted to order, so each and every planter that is received by our customers is unique. Each fiberstone planter begins as a blank canvas (it is unpainted), therefore when we begin the process of fulfilling an order, we need to prime the pot, then a few layers of the base colour is applied. If it was a solid pot that was ordered, we would then add a layer of protective enamel spray and wait for the planter to dry, package it and get it ready for shipping. If a planter with a design was ordered, this process is a little more tedious as all of our planters are painted by hand (without the use of stencils), so much more time and effort is placed into the design of the pattern of these planters prior to completion.

What’s your best selling product and why is it so popular?

Our best selling product is a coin toss between our GALA POT (in Tan colourway) and our RUGBY POT (in the Black and White colourway).

The Gala Pot is a timeless piece. It is a two-toned planter (with a subtle contrast between the two colours), and a thin gold stripe separating the colours. It is a beautiful planter and can be placed in any space.

The Rugby Pot on the other hand is a bold planter that makes a statement. I think it is so popular because there is nothing else like it on the market (that I have seen).

Both the Gala Pot and the Rugby Pot were some of the first designs I ever created and they are still customer favourites.

What’s the biggest problem your products solve for your customers?

It’s hard for people to find planters that are easy to move around/pick up and that look good. I am offering lightweight pots that are unique and made to order.

What’s your proudest moment in business so far?

Seeing my planters in an upscale Toronto restaurant.

What’s your favourite product from your own shop?

My favourite product right now is the Topped Up Pot. I love it’s ring-stacked, bubble shape and love that it comes in a large size that can house a big tree. It is also quickly becoming a favourite amongst our customers!

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