Female Founder Feature with Shoes Boots n’ Bags

We’re excited to introduce you to Andrea Beatty, the founder of Shoes Boots n’ Bags, a family owned and operated online boutique based in London, ON. 

We asked Andrea a few questions about her life an as entrepreneur and know you’re going to love all that she has to share. Enjoy!
Female Founder Shoes Boots N Bags
What would you say is the #1 thing it takes to be successful?
    • I definitely think perseverance is key.
What’s one thing you do everyday that contributes to your success?
    • Meditation & clarity of mind!
What’s one book that’s contributed to your business success?
    • Life is Short, Wear Your Party Pants by Loretta LaRoche.
What is your favourite productivity tip?
    • Lists are key!
What inspired you to start your business?
    • Simply put – I LOVE shoes! I have always been drawn to fashion and expressing myself through clothing and footwear. As a young girl, I would look at all the lovely ladies in their stylish outfits and be drawn to their shoes. I didn’t have a preference, I liked them all. As an adult, I enjoy dressing with purpose in the trends but also incorporating my own style. Over the years I realized that as my weight would go up and down, my shoes always fit. Adding the shoes wasn’t a chore it was a fun way to add pizazz. I found it easier and more fun to shop for shoes so naturally, my collection grew.
Do you have a morning routine that you swear by? What is it and why does it contribute to your success?
    • I am still working on my routine, working towards finding my own solution. Therefore, I cannot answer that at this time.
Do you have a favourite business podcast? Why do you love it?
    • No I don’t have a tonne of time to listen to podcasts 🙂
How do you relax and recharge?
    • Spending time with family & friends.
What advice would you give to someone just starting out in business?
    • Be strong & stay true to your values.
How do you maintain a positive mindset in business and life when those inevitable challenges arise?
    • I focus on what I have accomplished thus far and keep my eye on the prize!
Female Founder Shoes Boots N Bags

Thank you so much to Andrea for sharing some of her greatest success tips and general business advice. What an inspiration for us all! 

To learn more about her business, check out her website Shoes Boots n’ Bags.


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