Lumiere & Co Art

Plaster Wall Art

We’re excited to introduce you to Halifax, Nova Scotia based artist Macarena Soncini from Lumiere & Co Art. Check out our interview with Macarena and see more of her artwork below.

What inspired you to start your business?

I recently moved into a place of my own and wanted to decorate my place with a tight budget. I quickly realized that large pieces (which I love) are very expensive. I tried out some methods when I came across plaster wall art. I love the freedom I have with creating these pieces when it comes to shapes and colours, plus, my friends loved them too! It was a no brainer to open an Etsy store from there.

How would you describe your business?

I come from a background filled with arts and crafts, but being the sister of a very talented visual artist, I never did much with a canvas. I love the texture the plaster creates on a canvas, the depth that you can create, and the pop you can achieve with colour. Luckily, I own a 3D printer and have a 3D modelling background, so I often design my own trowels which further increases the freedom of patterns I can use!

What’s your bestselling piece of art and why do you think it’s so popular?

Redondel. I think my customers love the asymmetry this piece creates. I can’t give myself too much credit on colour combinations though, most of the ones featured on my site are chosen by customers! But my customers also love warm/neutral tones, which I’ve tried to incorporate more and more.