The Hemp Spot

Ajax, ON

Business Name: The Hemp Spot

Based In: Ajax, ON

Products Include: Bath & body products, hemp seed hearts, hemp oil Canadian supplements, bath bombs, skin care and more.

The Hemp Spot is Canada’s one-stop shop for all things Canadian hemp. Scroll down to learn more about The Hemp Spot and read our interview with owner and entrepreneur, Jacob Moore.

The Hemp Spot is a local Ajax, ON business. Along with the online shop, you’ll find Jacob at lots of local markets throughout Ontario. By supporting The Hemp Spot you’re also supporting Canadian hemp farmers and other Canadian hemp businesses.

When did you start your business and what was the inspiration to start The Hemp Spot?

Why I created The Hemp Spot was because when I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Ankylosing Spondylitis. I was looking for healthier protein products for quicker recovery from my workouts as well as natural pain relief options for my inflammation. Once I discovered more natural protein options, I came across Hemp Protein and learned how much more protein per serving hemp protein had compared to other proteins and all the other benefits of including hemp into your diet. After searching for more Canadian Hemp products to try out I quickly realized there were VERY few stores holding Hemp products and not one store that was strictly Canadian hemp based. At that point in 2018, The Hemp Spot was created.

In your opinion, why is hemp such a great product?

Hemp will help save the trees as trees take years to grow and hemp takes between 90-120 days to grow. Paper, wood, toilet paper, etc can all be made from hemp and hemp helps eliminate 4x more carbon dioxide than trees. Anything trees can do, hemp can do! 

We can save our oceans that are becoming increasingly polluted with plastics by replacing plastic bottles with hemp plastics which are biodegradable and safe for our oceans.

Hemp will help with protecting our non-renewable resources and to help reduce greenhouse gases in our air.

What do you want people to know about hemp and how it can benefit them?

That Hemp is NOT marijuana. Hemp has over 50,000 different uses and is environmentally friendly. 

What’s your favourite ‘must-have’ product from your shop that you use daily?

My personal favourite product is our pain sticks. They really help relief my pain and they are an all natural Pain stick- placed in a deodorant-like-container for a hands free- easy use application.

What’s your best seller and why do you think it’s so popular?

Our best sellers are either our hemp hearts, bath bombs or pain sticks. They are all really close for being our customers favourite product. Our Hemp Hearts are used by everyone- and are loved by vegans/people looking for more plant based proteins. Our bath bombs are all kid friendly and become a huge hit during our in person markets. Our pain sticks are where we see a lot of repeat customers and are always a customers fav!

What’s your biggest piece of advice for fellow business owners?

The advice I would give to other entrepreneurs who are starting their own business, whether that be in the hemp business or not, is you need to be passionate about what you do! The long days and stressful times will be much easier to overcome when you still love what you do. You should always focus on networking and building good solid business relationships. It is ok to make mistakes while you are learning as it is a part of the process, just don’t make the same mistakes twice. You should expect a few years of losses as that is normal in business, just believe in yourself and what you are trying to accomplish, stay true to yourself and your vision for your business and persevere. If you can do those things you will get through the tough times.

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