The Yukon Soaps Company

So much more than soap.

Inspired by Yukon land. Our products are made from high-quality ingredients and plants harvested from the Yukon boreal forest. Our inspiration comes from the land that surrounds us.

Indigenous-owned and operated. Handcrafted by Joella Hogan and her team in Mayo, Yukon, Canada. Our products are inspired by the land and Joella’s travels around the world. Our wellness offerings are imbued with the spirit, culture and traditions from the North. By teaching our team to harvest plants and spend time on the land, we are supporting the reconnection and healing of our community.

By creating a network of community harvesters, people are able to spend time on the land, reconnecting. We promote cultural learning through our blog and land-based program. You also have the opportunity to learn with us through natural wellness product workshops.