Wave Imprint 26, Original Eco Art Made with the Ocean

Original Minimalism Art

Wave Imprint #26

Made at: White Rock Beach, White Rock BC, April 2020

Measures: 5.75 x 9””

One of a kind original art work by Kaitlyn Beugh.


A little piece of the ocean to bring her energy into your space.
Wave Imprints connect you to the ocean, wherever you are. They are made on acid free paper, using ink made by me from charcoal found on the beach, the landbase I am on, or taken from sacred fires.

Comes pre-matted, in white double mat board. Framing option available: a simple white frame with white matting, which allows the Wave Imprint to really make a statement. Please connect with me if you would like your Wave Imprint framed. Additional fees apply.

Wave Imprints play on the mindful witnessing of natural phenomena. I facilitate this work with the ocean, collecting found charcoal, and turning it into ink in my studio. I then bring the ink back to the water to create with. The images depicted on each work are created when a drop of ink on paper meets a wave. They are then left to dry on the foreshore.

Wave imprints are created using black ink on white watercolour paper. The final product is various shades of grey on white paper. The image may appear slightly different on computer and phone screens than in real life.

Wave Imprints invite a quiet, mindful experience with each piece.

Wave Imprints may have organic bends in them from the way they dried on the beach. I find this beautiful, as it evokes memory of the movement of the water.

I try my best to reduce my eco-footprint when shipping my artwork, while ensuring your piece is protected from damage from the shipping process as best I can. I often use upcycled materials in packaging, and reuse old shipping materials if available to me rather than using new materials. You artwork comes in a sealed archival clear envelope, but the outer shipping packaging is typically upcycled. If this is a concern for you, please send me a message and I will work with you to ship using specific packaging.

10% of all Wave Imprint Sales are donated to initiatives that are working hard to protect the ocean and shorelines.

I hope you enjoy my work. I love hearing your words about it, and seeing photos of them out in the world and gracing your walls. Feel free to tag me on Instagram and Facebook @kaitlynbeugh, and give me a follow while you’re at it.

With love,