Most businesses are started to solve a problem and that rings true for mother-daughter business, Mimi Island Designs. Founded by Anne Davidson-Muru (Mother) and Jackie Muru (Daughter) and named after their favourite island in Georgian Bay ON, Mimi Island Designs all started because they couldn’t find quality sleepwear they loved. Mimi Island Designs is a made in Canada loungewear clothing company in Toronto, ON.

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“We knew exactly what we wanted – flattering, unbelievably comfortable, and a minimalistic design that we could feel confident in day and night”. After checking with friends to see if they owned any sleepwear they couldn’t part with, it became clear that finding quality sleepwear was a problem that more women than just mother-daughter duo Anne and Jackie faced.


For the next year, they committed to creating what they wish existed – “cute and comfortable sleepwear that feels as good on as it is good for our community and mother nature”. And they did just that. All of their sleepwear is knit, dyed and sewn in Toronto, ON using eco-friendly and sustainable materials. 

We asked Anne and Jackie a few more questions about their business partnership, what it’s really like working together as a mother-daughter business and any tips they have for up and coming mother-daughter duos. Enjoy! 

Why did you decide to work together?

  • The timing was right! We had both been looking for an outlet to express our creative side. We could not have done this on our own without each others encouragement and support.

What’s one thing that contributes to your success as a Mother-Daughter duo?

  • We are creative in our own different ways which both compliments and enhances our vision for Mimi Island Designs.

What’s your favourite moment working together so far?

  • Our launch party! We had worked so hard leading up to our brand launch and having a moment to share Mimi Island Designs Loungewear with our friends and family was just so special. We are so grateful for their continued support.

What advice do you have for other Mother-Daughter business partners? Is this something you would recommend?

  • Our advice would be to have lots of patience and respect with each other, to be open to each others ideas and be willing to give and take.

What’s your favourite thing about working with your mother/daughter?

  • I get to spend time with my daughter, how cool is that! – Anne
  • I’m able to see a different side of her that I’ve never experienced. To be mother-daughter and business partners has really brought us closer! – Jackie

We hope you enjoyed getting to know this Mother-Daughter business duo and amazing Canadian brand, Mimi Island Designs. Make sure you check out their luxurious, made in Canada lounge and sleepwear.

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