Business Name: Riverside Creations

Location: Saint John, New Brunswick

Products Include: Handmade wooden signs including house numbers.

Learn more about Riverside Creations in our interview below.

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What inspired you to open your business?

My inspiration started out with a little red shop & tools passed down from my Grandfather. In 2020, we built a house on the banks of the Wolastoq River. Previously, there had been a little red cabin on the property, and my Dad had stuffed it to the roof! Lawn furniture, gardening supplies, and buried deep down: my Grandfather’s woodworking tools. In 2021, being a substitute teacher, I found myself with a lot of time on my hands. My husband and I sorted the cabin, which we now called the Little Red Shed. Uncovering the heritage tools felt like finding a treasure. Inspired by these tools, and what I can only assume is a hereditary love of sawdust and splinters, I immediately began dreaming of all the home décor I could create!

We included their ski signs in our gifts for skiers shopping guide.

How would you describe your business?

Our business is creating personalized signage for families and for businesses. We use locally sourced lumber (mostly pine and cedar), sand it to perfection, and engrave it.

Personally, my favourite part is the design work. We have dozens of fonts, thousands of graphics, and many different stain options. I love working with our customers to pull from those resources to create something that is uniquely theirs. There is something so delightful about chatting with a customer to get a feel for their style; whether it’s a script font with a loon, or something whimsical with an entire forest engraved.

Matt greatly enjoys the shop work. He will disappear for hours and come back with an entirely new product; from a Doctor Who shelf to a custom table. He loves all the little details that come together to make something work.

What’s your best selling product and why do you think it’s so popular?

Our best selling product is definitely our signs. We are so lucky to have so many local people who ordered from us early on; we were able to take photos of their design and post them online. This has led to many buyers from all over the world.

I think our signs have gained some popularity because they are so personalized. Our clients pick everything from font, to stain, to shape & size. I also strive to create exactly what our clients are envisioning. I don’t mind doing a dozen mock ups so we can get it precisely as they like it. I think I inherited this from my mother; she was a stickler for details! Moving something a half inch to the right can completely change the whole look.

I also think using quality materials has really helped as well. We use locally sourced lumber and finish all our signs with multiple coats of spar urethane to help protect them outside. We want our signs to last for many years.

What’s your personal favourite product right now?

I love any of our signs with a nature-y theme! Trees, deer, leaves, etc all catch my eye. I just finished designing a sign for an adorable inn, and the client wanted an entire forest on it! I can’t wait to cut it!

What’s your favourite local New Brunswick business?

My favourite local business is Paper Pattern Silk by Monica Memory. She creates the most whimsical designs and adds them to jewelry, stickers, etc.

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