Canadian Mattress Brands (made in Canada)

We’re going to introduce you to a number of Canadian mattress brands that make all of their mattresses in Canada. Let’s start off by acknowledging that buying a new mattress isn’t the most fun way to spend a day. To be completely honest, we’d rather do anything else. Do you ever really know how you’re going to like a mattress after laying on it for a few minutes while a salesperson looks over you? Hello awkward. That being said, buying mattresses is unavoidable and if you’re reading this, it’s likely your time to go mattress hunting (lucky you).

Well, we’re here to help. We promise that buying a mattress doesn’t need to be awkward or tedious. We’re happy to report that there are lots of Canadian mattress brands that have simplified the buying process and have gone completely online. Most brands offer free shipping and a lengthy sleep trial so there’s less risk to buying a mattress online.

Some pictures are from the websites of the businesses we feature. This post may contain affiliate links. At no cost to you, we may earn a small commission if you make a purchase. This helps support our team and allows us to keep making local shopping in Canada easy. Thank you for supporting our family-owned business too!

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Douglas: Canadian Foam Mattress Brand

Douglas is a great Canadian company that has three foam mattresses to choose from – original, alpine & summit – which move up in value & price. Their Original mattress is a best seller and is designed to support all sleeping positions. Next up is the Alpine mattress which has temperature control features to keep you cool while sleeping, along with providing full body support. Next up is the Summit mattress. This is their highest level mattress. It provides everything that the other two mattresses provide, but is even more enhanced and it also is focused on making sure you don’t feel movement from someone sleeping next to you. So if your partner moves a lot in their sleep or in my case, getting up to answer firefighting calls, this would be a great option.

All of their mattresses are made in Canada, include a full year sleep trial and come shipped in a convenient box, usually for free.

JUNO: Budget Friendly Mattress In Canada

Another place to buy Canadian mattresses is a company called Juno. This mattress is high value for a reasonable, budget friendly price. This would be a great mattress for students or anyone on a more strict budget. Juno has many of the same qualities as other Canadian mattress brands. For example, it has a medium firm feel and is made in Canada. It includes cooling gel to help with temperature regulation and it also comes with a 120 day sleep trial and ships free to most addresses. Prices range from $399 for a twin to $599 for a king size.


Canadian Mattress Brand: Brunswick

Brunswick is another Canadian made mattress company. They they have one mattress to choose from that is a spring hybrid mattress. Sometimes we love when there’s only one product to choose from because it makes it so much easier to shop. So if you’re looking for a hybrid mattress, this is a great option. This mattress also has cooling and temperature regulation, provides back/body support and is made with sustainable materials like hemp.

Brunswick bed offers 120 day sleep trial and a 15 year warranty which is a really nice bonus. Like many Canadian mattresses these days the Brunswick bed is shipped rolled up and in a box. Once it arrives, you simply bring the box to the bedroom, remove the rolled mattress from the box and let it expand. Make sure that you give it time to expand before laying on it.

It is common for people to think that they need to flip their mattress, but because the Brunswick bed is a hybrid mattress with springs it should never be flipped. It can only be rotated.

Canadian Mattress Brand: Logan & Cove

Another great Canadian mattress brand is Logan & Cove. Their hybrid mattress won Best Luxury Hybrid Mattress by Canadian Living for 2024 so that’s a great start. This made in Canada mattress features 12″ height that includes 4 specific layers – individually wrapped coils, foam, cooling foam, and a plush top cover. They offer you the option to test this mattress for an entire year and free shipping. This premium mattress ranges from $799 to $1698.

Lunazen: Made In Canada Hydrid Mattress

Lunazen is a Canadian mattress brand and local Vancouver shop.  The Lunazen medium-soft mattress is currently delivering to residents of British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Lunazen mattresses are never compressed and have a few key components that stand out. Their 3″ memory foam not only adapts to your individual body weight for better support and weight distribution, but it also reduces the temperature by 1-2 degrees. So if you tend to run on the hot side when you sleep, this gel infused memory foam is a great option.

The other two components that make up the Lunazen mattress is the Ecotex soy foam that’s made in Canada from natural plant-based oils. So you can rest easy knowing your mattress doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals and their 8″ pocket coils help ensure there’s no motion transfer. Lunazen offers a 100 day sleep trial so you can make sure your mattress is the perfect fit for you. 

Outside of the specific details of the mattress, Lunazen as a company stands out because they offer to remove your old mattress and box spring and recycle it for you after they’ve delivered and set up your new mattress. So you really do get to stay home and relax while everything is taken care of for you. They’re also committed to partnering with local shelters to help make sure people have somewhere to rest their heads. Now that’s a Canadian company we can get behind.

Ultra Flex Canadian Mattresses

Ultra flex is another Canadian mattress company and local Toronto shop. They offer a variety of Canadian mattresses, including some that are full foam mattresses, some that are spring mattresses, and some that are a hybrid of the two. They offer free shipping but we do want to note that we could not find any information about a sleep trial and it doesn’t look like they offer refunds unless there is damage to the product. 

As you can see there are so many awesome Canadian mattress brands that make their mattresses right here in Canada. We love that there is such a variety of quality mattresses at different price points. Buying a mattress doesn’t need to be a task you dread. Happy shopping!

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