Top Canadian Furniture Stores

We’re so excited to introduce you to some of the top Canadian furniture stores. We’ve hand picked these shops based on quality and uniqueness of the products they provide. If you’re looking for some new furniture and want to support a Canadian business, check these awesome shops out.


Some pictures are from the websites of the businesses we feature. This post may contain affiliate links. At no cost to you, we may earn a small commission if you make a purchase. This helps support our team and allows us to keep making local shopping in Canada easy. Thank you for supporting our family-owned small business too!

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Oak & Alchemy

If you’re looking for super high quality, industrial and modern furniture for your home, look no further than Oak & Alchemy. Oak & Alchemy is a local Hamilton Ontario shop that handcrafts beautiful furniture like cabinets, large dining tables, record player consoles, and sofa tables. The attention to detail and the use of high quality materials used to make this furniture is outstanding.

  • They offer free shipping
Picture Credit: Oak & Alchemy

Loewen Design Studio

Loewen Design Studio is a family run and operated Canadian furniture shop and local Ontario business. They take pride in the quality of the furniture they make and want to ensure their clients vision come to life. You can browse their Etsy page of gorgeous dining tables and choose your favourite design. Or, you can work with the Loewen Design team and create your very own custom made dining, kitchen or living room table. 

Picture Credit: Loewen Design Studio

Canadian Furniture: Cold Steal Creations

Cold Steal Creations is a Canadian furniture store and local Ontario shop based in Alvinston. Their made in Canada furniture combines rustic wood and pipe to create industrial and modern furniture. They make desks, tables, shelves, towel, coat and shoe racks. You can choose from an array of wood stains to match your decor and customize the number shelves or racks that suit your needs. If you’re looking for a specific piece of furniture to fit your needs and style, they accept custom orders.

Picture Credit: Cold Steal Creations

Prairie Grain Woods

Prairie Grain Woods is another one of our top picks for Canadian furniture stores. This local Calgary shop creates incredible made in Canada tables with beautiful black walnut wood and accented with gorgeous pops of colour using epoxy and resin. Their furniture is definitely a focal piece for any room in your home. The craftsmanship and quality in the work from the Prairie Grain Wood team is next level. They even offer beautiful hardwood, cedar or live edge cribbage boards.

Picture Credit: Prairie Grain Woods

Canadian Furniture Stores: Design By Arc

Canadian furniture store and local Toronto shop, Design By Arc, creates beautiful and modern high quality furniture. Their collection includes furniture that is made by combining different woods, epoxy, resin and steel accents. Choose from dining tables, narrow hallway tables, desks and more. Their handcrafted furniture definitely makes a statement and easily becomes the focal point and conversation piece in your home. 

  • They offering free shipping
Picture Credit: Design By Arc

Made In Canada Furniture: Plank & Pin

Plank & Pin is a local Ontario shop that makes Canadian furniture that has a mid-century modern style. They hand make all of their furniture right here in Canada and have everything from coffee tables, to tv stands to end tables and more.

Picture Credit: Plank & Pin

Canadian Furniture: Springwater Wood

Springwater Wood is a Canadian furniture store that creates beautiful made in Canada products for your home. Some of their specialty furniture is a front door bench with room for storage bins, a pull-out wood pet ramp to help your pet get up the stairs, on the couch or to cuddle in bed and our favourite, a tilt-out organizer bin cabinet. It’s a beautiful piece made from solid wood with a tilt-out compartment you can use for dirty laundry, recycling or garbage.

Picture Credit: Springwater Wood

Opposite Hand Design Inc.

Are you looking to transform your bedroom and are in search of a beautiful made in Canada bed frame? Opposite Hand Design Inc., a local British Columbia shop based in Nanaimo, handcrafts beautifully designed modern wood bed frames. These bed frames are truly works of art and will definitely make a statement in your home. If you also need a new mattress, check out these Canadian mattress brands.

Picture Credit: Opposite Hand Design Inc.

From And To Nature

Another Canadian furniture store and local Prince Edward Island shop is From And To Nature. Just like their name implies, all of the wood used for their beautiful handcrafted pieces come from reclaimed wood. We love this because it’s not only more sustainable but it give each piece their own uniqueness. They create beautiful wooden stools, planters of all different heights and lengths, little tables, night stands, different shelving and more. You can even have them custom make exactly what you would like for your home.

Picture Credit: From And To Nature

Canadian Furniture Stores: Stone Mountain Projects

If you’re looking for a beautiful handmade games table check out local Ottawa shop, Stone Mountain Projects. They will customize your table with your choice of wood and fun features like cup holders and component trays to suit your favourite gaming needs. They also make a nostalgic Nintendo controller coffee table. The entire table is the original Nintendo controller, talk about a throwback! We also love their beautifully crafted and really practical arm rest tables (shown below).

Picture Credit: From And To Nature

Lofty Ambitions: Furniture Store

Lofty Ambitions is another awesome Canadian furniture store and local Hamilton Ontario shop. If you’d like to see a variety of furniture from different designers, including a large collection of made in Canada furniture, they have a great selection. If you live close to Hamilton, you can choose to shop in person. If not, you can shop online and have your furniture shipped to you. Along with furniture, they also have other home decor products like rugs, artwork, lighting and more.

Reforest Design

These Japanese, contemporary and Scandinavian-inspired tables and chairs are beautifully designed and made in Canada by Reforest Design, a local British Columbia shop. These tables and chairs are not like others as they are low to the ground and made from 100% solid bamboo. Sitting closer to ground is said to help with alignment and posture and helps to keep you connected and grounded.

The Grain Studio: Canadian Furniture Store

These incredible handcrafted wood dining tables are from The Grain Studio, a Canadian furniture store and local Ontario shop based in Dundalk. Their large dining tables are made from slabs of walnut or maple wood and accented usually with black epoxy to give a dramatic effect. Then, the table are finished with modern legs to make the perfect statement piece for your home.

Picture Credit: The Grain Stuio

Between Posts

Looking to redesign your kids room? Or maybe you need a bunk bed for extra beds at your cottage? These beautiful bunk beds are from Between Posts, a local British Columbia shop based in Vernon. Bunk beds are amazing for creating more floor space, adding extra beds for sleepovers or fun work spaces. These handcrafted modern bunk beds and loft beds are a creative and fun addition to your home. 

Picture Credit: Between Posts


Furnberry is an online Canadian furniture store. They have a full selection of furniture including dining sets, mattresses, bunk beds, live-edge coffee tables, recliners and more. 

These top Canadian furniture stores are definitely solving the problem of finding high quality furniture while supporting a local Canadian business. Many of these businesses are family owned and operated. The impact of your support means so much to them. Thank you for supporting local. 

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