Canadian Subscription Boxes For Kids

You might already be treating yourself to a subscription box or two, but have you ever considered purchasing one for your kids? If you’re a parent, you know how hectic it can be to look after your kids and keep them satisfied with the newest toys and accessories. That’s the beauty of Canadian subscription boxes for kids—a great selection of goodies will be sent your way monthly, making sure your little ones are always kept happy and entertained.

Now is a better time than ever to support a local Canadian business, but with recent events, going out to shop can be a bit overwhelming. Besides, parents already have enough on their plate! By enrolling with a subscription box service, you can skip that risk and extra effort without even leaving your home. These Canadian subscription boxes for kids will simply show up at your doorstep, ready to be opened and enjoyed. Plus, who doesn’t love looking forward to gifts in the mail?

These subscription boxes are perfect for a range of children’s interests, so there’s truly something for everyone. Whether you’re wanting toys for your tiny tots or a gift that keeps on giving, these options won’t disappoint!

Canadian Subscription Boxes For Kids

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Canadian Subscription Boxes For Kids


  • For: Those that want to get outside more and encourage outdoor adventures.
  • Includes: Activity cards, outdoor gear, crafts and a pin to collect each new adventure!
  • Delivers: Monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly.

Four Bears Sticker Club

  • For: Kids (and kids at heart) who love stickers! With a collection of unique and exclusive designs, Four Bears Sticker Club sends tons of stickers to decorate mail, journals, artwork, and more. Options include a “Little Kids” pack with scented and puffy designs and a “Big Kids” pack made for teens and above. 
  • Includes: 8 sticker sheets per pack and a postcard to share. “Little Kids Sticker Pack” also includes activity sheets.
  • Delivers: Monthly


  • For: Creative kids! If your little one loves to work with their hands and express themselves through art and creativity, Craftloots is the perfect subscription to keep them busy. 
  • Includes: Supplies for DIY craft projects, easy-to-follow instructions, photo references, and helpful tips for a stellar handmade product. Options include a “Solo Kit” and “Party Pack” for groups of all sizes.
  • Delivers: Monthly

Petite Princess

  • For: Little princesses aged 12 months and above. If your young one loves an enchanting surprise, these boxes are fit for royalty.    
  • Includes: With a new theme each month, boxes include a fairytale card and a dazzling selection of 4-5 princess accessories such as tiaras, hairclips, jewelry, and more.
  • Delivers: Monthly

World In A Box

  • For: Kids aged 7-10 that love to learn about new cultures and facts from around the world. Designed to make homeschooling and learning geography easier and more fun!
  • Includes: Post-cards, an activity booklet, recipes, two STEAM projects, a set of trivia game cards, set of memory cards and stickers.
  • Delivers: Monthly

Your Fam Box

  • For: Girls and boys with different boxes available for ages 2 to 9 years
  • Includes: Brand name toys, crafts, activities and books
  • Delivers: Monthly with the option for one-time purchase
  • Free shipping within Canada and the USA

My Funvelope

  • For: Young kids who love crafts
  • Includes: 4 unique crafts with a monthly theme and a STEM activity
  • Delivers: Three, six and twelve month subscriptions available

CucinaKids Cooking Subscription Box

  • For: Kids who love to cook or who want to give it a try
  • Includes: Step by step recipe cards, shopping lists, kitchen tool, apron, & more
  • Delivers: Quarterly

Mystery Adventure Club

  • For: Clever adolescents with creative minds. Every box contains a mystery to solve, bringing them away from the television and out into a world of imagination.  
  • Includes: A mystery complete with clues, characters, and stories to encourage innovative thinking and problem-solving.
  • Delivers: Bi-monthly

VI Book Crate

  • For: Kids learning to read or who already love to read (ages 5 – 10 years)
  • Includes: Early chapter book plus stickers
  • Delivers: One, three and six month subscriptions available

Girl Gang Strong box

  • For: Tween and teen girls. This box offers a curated selection of age appropriate items that promote self-love and inclusivity. More than just a subscription box, Girl Gang Strong is also a community where girls can come together to support each other!
  • Includes: 5-8 items such as hair accessories, jewelry, health products, education products, skincare and beauty products.
  • Delivers: Bi-monthly

Wonder Box

  • For: The curious minded child. These boxes help little ones discover science, technology, engineering, art and math with exciting, step by step activities. 
  • Includes: A combination of games and toys to help children explore various STEAM concepts such as circuits, construction, programming etc. 
  • Delivers: Monthly or every 3 months
Canadian Subscription Boxes For Kids

Banyan Tree Kidz

  • For: Young innovators, future scientists, and inspired creators. Banyan Tree Kidz provides children aged 4-8 with a hands-on learning experience in science, math, engineering, technology, and art. 
  • Includes: STEAM projects and supplies, a parent instruction guide, an educational hardcover book, and exclusive discount codes.
  • Delivers: Monthly

And that’s a wrap! If you’re looking to spoil your kiddos with something fun, these Canadian subscription boxes for kids are just a few great options to consider. With a simple sign-up, you can look forward to easy entertainment for months to come without ever leaving your home. Make sure to share these awesome Canadian subscription boxes with friends, family, or anyone wanting to send some joy to the little ones they love.

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