While cats are often thought of as independent pets, we still love to spoil them and make them feel at home. That’s why we’ve rounded up a list of the best cat beds in Canada to help you find the perfect one for your feline family member. Enjoy! 


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Purrfect Catbird Seat

Purrfect Catbird Seat based in Kelowna, BC is your go-to for cats that love to sleep up high. Their stylish and sturdy wall-mounted hammocks and wall steps reduce clutter on floors while still giving your cat a cozy perch to rest on. Each hammock is made of fleece, creating an ultrasoft bed while still being machine washable.

Precious Pawz

Precious Pawz based in British Columbia offers a unique take on the average cat bed. Their felted pet caves are an eco-friendly, sustainable and ethical alternative to the other pet beds.  Made from 100% New Zealand wool, these pet caves are biodegradable and help create jobs, since they are handmade by Nepali women. Since wool is naturally water-resistant and odour repelling, only light vacuuming is required for cleaning.

Black Diamond

Black Diamond based in Russell, ON creates affordable cat beds, cat trees, and scratching posts. Our favourite is their cat couch, which can accommodate cats of any size, or even 2 curled up together. It comes in grey or beige to suit your room’s decor, is carpeted to allow for inevitable scratching, and is tip-resistant. 

noots Pets

Noots Pets based in Toronto, ON brings you handmade cat beds and pet caves. These cozy nests and hideaways are designed not only to be functional but also stylish enough to look great in any space. Choose from velvet, faux-fur, or wool beds depending on your cat’s needs and your style preference.


Cozily based Laval, QC makes one-of-a-kind personalized pet houses. Each set comes with a handmade bamboo house, a memory foam mattress, and a cotton cloth roof. Be sure to add your cat’s name for a personalized name tag you can add to its new hideaway!

Design studio by kris

Design Studio By Kris based in Bowmanville, ON creates cat beds with small, medium, and large options for any sized cat. Their anti-anxiety cat bed will have your cat kneading biscuits all day! The magic of these beds comes from the fabric, an ultra-soft faux fur that mimics the feeling of being with their mother.

We hope this post helped you see that there are so many awesome cat beds available from locally-owned businesses right here in Canada.

To discover even more cat products from Canadian businesses be sure to check out our directory here. 

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