Best Pet Memorial Gifts In Canada

If you are looking to honour your pet or the pet of family and friends, we’ve gathered some of the best pet memorial gifts in Canada. It’s always so nice when someone recognizes how much your pet meant to you and wants to honour them and help you remember them in a special way. Losing a pet is heartbreaking and anyone that has gone through it knows how hard it can be. These pet memorial gifts try to ease that pain a little bit.


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Pet Memorial Ornaments

Wood Be Lovely is a local Toronto shop and Canadian black owned business. They have a number of unique options when it comes to pet memorial gifts and we personally like their ornaments. You can choose to have them customized with your pets name and years spent with you.  These ornaments would be great hanging in a window year-round, or as a special Christmas decoration to enjoy every December.

Picture Credit: Wood Be Lovely

Winding River Creative is a local Nova Scotia business that has a wide collection of ornaments, including ornaments to honour your pet. Depending on your style, they have a few designs to choose from but all of them can be personalized with your pets name.

Picture Credit: WR Creative

Pet Memorial Candles

Breathe In The Light is a Canadian candle company creating made in Canada soy candles. They have the option to personalize a candle label with the name and date that your pet passed and a picture of your pet. They also have an option without a picture with little paw prints and a message that says “your paw prints are forever on our hearts”. These would make a great pet memorial gift. They also have other memorial gifts available.

Picture Credit: Breathe In The Light

Pet Memorial Jewellery Gifts

ADE personalized is a Toronto jewellery store that creates necklaces engraved with a picture of your pet. These are a really unique way to remember your loveable pets, and a great gift to help honour the pets of your friends and family.

Picture Credit: ADE Personalized

Pet Memorial Gifts: Keychains

Rebecca Lee Crafts is another Canadian business creating keychains that make great pet memorial gifts. Their keychains include an actual real picture of your pet or you and your pet. You have the option to add some charms like initials or paws as well. These are great budget friendly pet memorial gifts in Canada.

Picture Credit: Rebecca Lee Crafts

Pet Memorial Gifts: Greeting Cards

Carolyn Draws is a Toronto greeting card shop creating some of our favourite greeting cards. Along with funny and heartfelt cards, they also offer made in Canada sympathy cards for pet owners like the one shown below.

Picture Credit: Carolyn Draws

Pet Memorial Stained Glass

The Little Workshop is a Canadian stained glass shop and local Ontario business (based in Chatsworth). They have a large collection of made in Canada stained glass creations along with ones that make really heartfelt Canadian pet memorial gifts.

Picture Credit: The Little Workshop

There are so many amazing Canadian artists creating pet portraits. These are a great way to remember your adorable pets. Check out our shopping guide for pet portraits in Canada.

Another option for pet memorial gifts in Canada is to have a tree planted in honour of your pet. A Living Tribute is a great Canadian business that can help facilitate this. 

These are our top picks for pet memorial gifts in Canada. Each of these gifts is from a local Canadian business and they appreciate your support so much.

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