Chickadee Goods is a gift shop that features a variety of products from local Canadian businesses like clothing, Canadian coffee, handcrafted soaps, eco-friendly products and more.

Business Name: Chickadee Goods

Location: 378 Cloverdale Rd, Unit C, Riverview, New Brunswick

Learn more about Chickadee Goods in our interview below.

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Chickadee Goods Riverview, New Brunswick

How would you describe your business?

We are an eco-conscious shop focusing on shopping small and shopping local. We sell many great product that focus on hikers, campers and outdoor enthusiasts who want to be more environmentally friendly at home and on their adventures. Nearly all of our display furniture is thrifted or made from repurposed materials. We spend lots of time researching new products and brands that make a greater impact to bring onto our shelves. 

What inspired you to open your shop?

After starting my own clothing brand, Chickadee Apparel, during the pandemic I always wanted to be able to expand to a store front in some capacity. I got the opportunity in the spring of 2023 to open my shop and be able to stock dozens of other local (to the Maritimes and eastern Quebec) brands. 

Riverview New Brunswick Gift Shop

What’s your best selling product and why do you think it’s so popular?

Luckily, our Chickadee Apparel tees are one of our best selling products. We also have very positive sales and reviews from Rescue Coffee (whole bean and ground varieties) and Savonnerie Diligences (natural soaps and body care products).

With Chickadee Apparel already being long-standing in the community, it’s well known and sought after. The other brands are new to the community but have quality ingredients, great packaging and strong values. 

Our personal favourite product from Chickadee Goods is their “what does adventure mean to you?” t-shirt (shown below). It includes text on the back of the shirt all about adventure which we love.

For the latest updates, check out the Chickadee Goods facebook page. 

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